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The values in this enumeration can be provided to the BarcodeXpress constructor in order to specify which method it should use to load it's native components. This will not be necessary in most cases since the default, the MemoryLoader, is the simplest for local development and most other cases. This may fail when run at the same time as certain antivirus programs, in which case you can use either of the two other loaders. Like the memory loader, the SSM loader does not require you to distribute any additional files other than the BarcodeXpress.NET assembly as both of them use copies of the native component which exist as packed resources inside of the assembly. If security concerns require the use of separately packaged DLLs then you can use the LoadLibrary loader to load the BarcodeXpress WorkerExports dlls you provide. Some constructor forms also allow the user to provide a path to use for the loading operation. These paths can be either absolute or relative to the loading application. A path is mandatory when using the SSMLoader method and optional when using the LoadLibrary method.
Public Enum NativeLoader 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As NativeLoader
public enum NativeLoader : System.Enum 
__value public enum NativeLoader : public System.Enum 
public enum class NativeLoader : public System.Enum 
LoadLibrary2 This technique uses the NTDLL function LoadLibrary to load an external native DLL which you will need to package with your application. You can provide a path where the library will be located by using the appropriate constructor. Otherwise the operating system will search in the standard locations. (i.e. the application directory or system library locations.) If the library cannot be found at the provided location an InternalErrorException will be thrown.
MemoryLoader0 This technique loads a compressed internal native component which is decompressed directly into memory. This is the simplest loader under most circumstances because it does not rely on writing any files to disk.
SSMLoader1 This technique writes the compressed native component packaged within the BarcodeXpress.NET assembly to disk and then loads it from the provided location. When using this loader you must invoke one of the constructor forms which allow you to provide a directory path. The native component will be written to that path and loaded from there. If BarcodeXpress finds the SSM file already existing in that location, i.e. from a previous run, it will load the existing file instead of overwriting it. This means that it is important to delete these files when updating to newer versions of the BarcodeXpress SDK. If the provided path is invalid an InternalErrorException will be thrown.

The default value is MemoryLoader

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