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InsufficientWidthException Class

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace : InsufficientWidthException Class
This exception is thrown if the barcode WriterBase.Width value set by the user is smaller than the required width of the barcode.
Object Model
InsufficientWidthException Class
Public NotInheritable Class InsufficientWidthException 
   Inherits BarcodeException
Dim instance As InsufficientWidthException
public sealed class InsufficientWidthException : BarcodeException 
public __gc __sealed class InsufficientWidthException : public BarcodeException 
public ref class InsufficientWidthException sealed : public BarcodeException 

The required width is a value calculated from the sum of the total bar width, left and right borders (WriterBase.HorizontalWhiteSpace), and the width of any outside text i.e. UPC symbols, plus specified text gap (WriterBase.HorizontalTextGap).

Note: If WriterBase.AutoSize is set to True, this error is not returned even is the above is True. Instead, the width is resized automatically to fit the barcode.

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