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DataMatrixSizes Enumeration

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace : DataMatrixSizes Enumeration
The rows and columns are encoded in the value of the enumerations using this equation: RowsXColumnsY = X * 256 + Y. AutoRowsAndColumns is -1.
Public Enum DataMatrixSizes 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As DataMatrixSizes
public enum DataMatrixSizes : System.Enum 
__value public enum DataMatrixSizes : public System.Enum 
public enum class DataMatrixSizes : public System.Enum 
AutoRowsAndColumns-1 Auto size the Datamatrix barcode
Rows104Columns10426728 104 x 104 Datamatrix
Rows10Columns102570 10 x 10 Datamatrix
Rows120Columns12030840 120 x 120 Datamatrix
Rows12Columns123084 12 x 12 Datamatrix
Rows12Columns263098 12 x 26 Datamatrix
Rows12Columns363108 12 x 36 Datamatrix
Rows132Columns13233924 132 x 132 Datamatrix
Rows144Columns14437008 144 x 144 Datamatrix
Rows14Columns143598 14 x 14 Datamatrix
Rows16Columns164112 16 x 16 Datamatrix
Rows16Columns364132 16 x 36 Datamatrix
Rows16Columns484144 16 x 48 Datamatrix
Rows18Columns184626 18 x 18 Datamatrix
Rows20Columns205140 20 x 20 Datamatrix
Rows22Columns225654 22 x 22 Datamatrix
Rows24Columns246168 24 x 24 Datamatrix
Rows26Columns266682 26 x 26 Datamatrix
Rows32Columns328224 32 x 32 Datamatrix
Rows36Columns369252 36 x 36 Datamatrix
Rows40Columns4010280 40 x 40 Datamatrix
Rows44Columns4411308 44 x 44 Datamatrix
Rows48Columns4812336 48 x 48 Datamatrix
Rows52Columns5213364 52 x 52 Datamatrix
Rows64Columns6416448 64 x 64 Datamatrix
Rows72Columns7218504 72 x 72 Datamatrix
Rows80Columns8020560 80 x 80 Datamatrix
Rows88Columns8822616 88 x 88 Datamatrix
Rows8Columns182066 8 x 18 Datamatrix
Rows8Columns322080 8 x 32 Datamatrix
Rows96Columns9624672 96 x 96 Datamatrix

A C# type cast of (DataMatrixSizes) (22 * 256 + 22) is equivalent to Rows22Columns22. Use this with caution since only the specified sizes of the enumerations are allowed and all others will cause an exception.

Caution: An anomaly has been identified for DataMatrix 144 x 144 barcodes written by several competitors' components. For this size only, barcodes created using those components do not adhere to the DataMatrix barcode specification. Because Accusoft does adhere to the DataMatrix specification, those competitors' components will not correctly read 144 x 144 size DataMatrix written by BarcodeXpress.

When reading 144 x 144 DataMatrix barcodes, BarcodeXpress will assume that the barcodes adhere to the specification. If reading fails, the component will automatically attempt to apply the recognition algorithm that will work on barcodes written by the competitors' components, and report the results. The barcode reader will not be notified that the barcode did not adhere to the specification. For these barcodes only, recognition speed will be impacted.

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