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WriteToStream Method

Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk Namespace > BarcodeXpress Class : WriteToStream Method
Writes some properties of this object to a specially-formatted stream.
Public Function WriteToStream() As String
Dim instance As BarcodeXpress
Dim value As String
value = instance.WriteToStream()
public string WriteToStream()
public: string* WriteToStream(); 
String^ WriteToStream(); 

Return Value

A stream that can reloaded using the ReadFromStream method.

This method writes certain properties of this object to a stream. The stream is intended for use only by the ReadFromStream method and its format may change in a future release of this component. However, even if the format changes, future versions of this components will be able to read streams that this method generates.

Note: You should save the stream in the Construcion property of a FormDirector FormDefinition object. You should set the Type to "BarcodeXpress" and the Content to the value that this method returns.

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