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ReadFromStream Method

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A stream that the method created
Reads a specially-formatted stream and places the values into properties of this object.
Public Sub ReadFromStream( _
   ByVal streamIn As String _
Dim instance As BarcodeXpress
Dim streamIn As String
public void ReadFromStream( 
   string streamIn
public: void ReadFromStream( 
   string* streamIn
void ReadFromStream( 
   String^ streamIn


A stream that the method created

This method reads a stream, which contains the values of properties for this object. It provides a convenient way to store and retrieve the values and preserves as much future compatibility as possible.

This method should read any stream that the WriteToStream method created, even if an older version of this component created it.

Note: You should retrieve the value for the stream from the Construction property of a FormDirector FormDefinition object. When the Type property of that object is "BarcodeXpress", the Content property contains a string that you should send to this method.

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