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ErrorLevel Property

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This propery is deprecated, use the property DebugErrorLevel instead. Gets and sets the error level of items that the component should write to the debug log file.
<ObsoleteAttribute("Use DebugErrorLevel")>
Public Property ErrorLevel As ErrorLevelInfo
Dim instance As BarcodeXpress
Dim value As ErrorLevelInfo
instance.ErrorLevel = value
value = instance.ErrorLevel
[Obsolete("Use DebugErrorLevel")]
public ErrorLevelInfo ErrorLevel {get; set;}
[Obsolete("Use DebugErrorLevel")]
public: __property ErrorLevelInfo get_ErrorLevel();
public: __property void set_ErrorLevel( 
   ErrorLevelInfo value
[Obsolete("Use DebugErrorLevel")]
property ErrorLevelInfo ErrorLevel {
   ErrorLevelInfo get();
   void set (    ErrorLevelInfo value);

Property Value

The ErrorLevel enumeration value set.

This property allows you to control the amount of information that the component places into the DebugLogFile. Since it is expensive to generate and write debug log items, set this property to write the least amount of information that you will find useful.

Valid values: Production, Development and Detailed.

Default value: Production

Note: This property will have no effect if the Debug property is set to false.

// Set the ErrorLevel of the debugging to Development
bcXpress.ErrorLevel = Accusoft.BarcodeXpressSdk.ErrorLevel.Development;
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