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Upgrading from SmartZone ICR 5 to SmartZone ICR 7
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This section describes how to upgrade from SmartZone 5 to SmartZone 7. While generally you'll be able to replace SmartZone 5 with SmartZone 7, there are a few important changes you may need to consider.

Assembly Changes

Projects must now target .NET Framework 3.5 or later to build with the SmartZone ICR assembly.

The assembly filename has been renamed from Accusoft.SmartZoneICR5.Net.dll to Accusoft.SmartZoneICR.Net.dll. Project references must be updated to use the new assembly.

Some native libraries that were previously integrated in the Accusoft.SmartZoneICR.Net assembly are now included as separate dlls. These libraries will be extracted to the same directory as the assembly when using the Nuget Package. For Windows the libraries are named Accusoft.SmartZoneICR.Common.dll and Accusoft.SmartZoneICR.Common64.dll. For Linux distributions, the name of the file is These need to be included when redistributing any application that uses the SmartZoneICR SDK.

Licensing Changes

Standard Edition licenses are no longer supported and will not be issued for SmartZone 7.

API Changes

The class Accusoft.SmartZoneICRSdk.SmartZoneException now derives from System.Exception instead of System.ApplicationException. Applications that explicitely catch System.ApplicationException to handle SmartZone exceptions will need updating.

If you encounter any porting issues, please contact Support for assistance.

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