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Zonal Recognition

SmartZone ICR/OCR include the following functionality for ICR/OCR recognition.

Recognition through Character Sets

It is the ability to recognize hand-printed text (for ICR) or machine printed text (for OCR) based on predefined CharacterSets (ICR: CharacterSet; OCR: CharacterSet).

See Define and Edit Character Sets for more information.

Recognition through Field Type

The ability to specify the format of the field allows for greater accuracy. SmartZone ICR/OCR support predefined field types of currency, date, time, email, URL, Social Security number, and United States phone number.

See the following topics for more information: Define and Edit Field Types, Define and Edit Data Validation Lists, and Define and Edit Regular Expressions.

Confidence Values and Results

Recognition results and confidence value indicators are provided in all output.

See the Confidence Values and Determine Results sections for more information on confidence and results.

Ability to Modify Results of Recognition

The ability to modify character recognition results is available to increase accuracy through the CharacterResult class (ICR: CharacterResult; OCR: CharacterResult).

Use the ... To ...
ICR: CharacterResult.Text property
OCR: CharacterResult.Text property
modify the CharacterResult. The Confidence will be set to 100 for the CharacterResult.
ICR: TextLineResult.DeleteCharacter method
OCR: TextLineResult.DeleteCharacter method
remove a character within the TextLineResult.
ICR: TextBlockResult.DeleteTextLine method
OCR: TextBlockResult.DeleteTextLine method
remove a text line from the TextBlockResult.
ICR: Reader.RejectionCharacter property
OCR: Reader.RejectionCharacter property
control which character is used in the output text when recognition cannot determine a value. Use the rejection character whenever the confidence for a character is below the MinimumCharacterConfidence property value.

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