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The License Manager is a GUI application that is used by a developer to register and activate Toolkit licenses on their development system. The License Manager is in the License > License Manager folder of your install directory.

Registering the Toolkit

When a paid Toolkit license is registered, the License Manager:

See Registration (below) for more information.

Activating the Toolkit License

Activation involves choosing a Toolkit license, either evaluation or paid, so that the license is active on the system.

See Selecting An Edition (Activating a Toolkit License) under Product Editions (below) for more information.

Product Editions

Accusoft products may have multiple editions, each of which supports different features. Products that support multiple editions are installed with multiple Evaluation licenses, one Evaluation license per edition. 

Selecting An Edition (Activating a Toolkit License)

Evaluation licenses allow developers to try features in different product editions. Since each license supports only a single edition of a product, the developer can switch between editions by activating the corresponding Toolkit license, either purchased or Evaluation, using the License Manager.

When a customer downloads an evaluation toolkit, the Evaluation license for the edition with the most features is installed by default. However, the developer may run the License Manager to change the Toolkit license to a lower edition in order to determine if that edition will serve their needs. 

If a customer has purchased multiple editions of the same product, they may install both editions on a development system, but only one edition may be active at a time. Once a license has been activated for a particular system, it may be deactivated (replaced by activating another edition) or reactivated at any time. Similarly, customers who own a lower featured edition may activate a higher featured edition Evaluation license and then switch back to their paid, lower-featured Toolkit edition license at any time. For example, you can go from a paid Standard edition to an evaluation Professional edition by activating the Professional edition Evaluation license.

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