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Install SmartZone from either a NuGet Package or Zip file.

Once installed, SmartZone ICR and OCR will have evaluation mode activated by default. To continue developing or deploying with SmartZone, you will need a paid license.

To obtain a license, see Licensing and Distributing.

In order to distribute your finished application you must purchase and install a fully paid license from Accusoft. The paid licenses override trial licenses.

NuGet Package

The easiest way to get SmartZone ICR/OCR for .NET Framework is via NuGet. See NuGet Packages for instructions on installing the SmartZone ICR/OCR NuGet packages.

The SmartZone NuGet packages do not include ImagXpress or NotateXpress components. (There is a separate NuGet package for these.) ImagXpress and NotateXpress do not support unlicensed evaluation. To license ImagXpress and NotateXpress, the SmartZone ZIP package would need to be downloaded separately so that either 1) the License Manager can install evaluation licensing, or 2) the source code used to license ImagXpress and NotateXpress for evaluation can be copied from the SmartZone samples.

To read more about NuGet, please visit

Zip File

Accusoft also provides a Zip file you can download from our website. The Zip file contains the License Manager used for installing development licenses, prebuilt demo executables, demo sources code and images, and all the artifacts included in the NuGet package.

To avoid additional security warnings when working with product files, unblock the product ZIP folder before extracting it. To do so, select the Unblock button on the Properties page of the ZIP folder and click OK.

Then, extract the zip file to any directory and you can begin evaluating SmartZone ICR and/or SmartZone OCR.

The SmartZone ZIP includes Linux assets with repeating filenames but different character cases to accommodate the case sensitivity of operating systems. This may be a problem if the ZIP package is extracted on Windows but deployed on Linux using a custom NuGet package or by copying the assets directory.

  • To evaluate SmartZone on Windows, click "Replace the files in the destination".
  • To evaluate SmartZone on Linux, extract the ZIP package on Linux, so the assets directory will contain all required files.

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