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Loading an Image

SmartZone ICR/OCR perform recognition on 1-bit black and white images. If asked to process a color or grayscale image, SmartZone ICR/OCR will internally binarize the image before processing.

SmartZone ICR/OCR have no native ability to load an image from a file. Typically, Accusoft's ImagXpress component, provided with SmartZone ICR/OCR, will be used to open image files. ImagXpress can also be used to control the binarization of color images to make them black and white.

Streaming Information

SmartZone ICR/OCR provide the ability to read and write to a stream using the ReadFromStream (ICR: ReadFromStream; OCR: ReadFromStream) and WriteToStream (ICR: WriteToStream; OCR: WriteToStream) methods. These streaming methods are provided to work with the Accusoft FormDirector component for reading and writing SmartZone ICR/OCR processing information and operations, as needed to integrate into the Accusoft Forms Processing Suite of components.

Image Clean-up Functions

ScanFix Xpress can be purchased to perform advanced pre-processing operations on your images to clean them up before analyzing. Cleaner images will greatly improve SmartZone recognition results. These operations may include:

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