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Deployment Licensing on Cloud-Based Environments
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When licensing Accusoft .NET Framework components on cloud-based environments, the following considerations should be made:

Considerations For Node-Locked Licenses

Node-Locked licenses must be registered to the deployment environment prior to deployment. This registration step can be done either by using the SLU.exe program (Server Licensing Utility) or the LDK (License Development Kit), both of which are included in your Accusoft product installation.

Using the SLU.exe

The SLU.exe is a compact GUI application that can be used to manually register and activate your Accusoft component licenses. Administrator privileges and a windows UI are required for running the SLU in your cloud deployment environment. For more information on the SLU and how to use it, see the SLU (Linux) or SLU (Windows) pages.

Using the LDK (Windows)

The LDK is an API we’ve made available to Accusoft users that allows them to programmatically license their projects. This is more suitable for headless cloud-based deployment environments or for users who need to automate their node-locked license registration. For more information on the LDK and how to use it, see the Licensing Development Kit (LDK) page.

MAC Address Binding

Whether you are using the SLU or the LDK to register your Node-Locked deployment licenses, after the registration occurs, the MAC address of the environment on which the licenses were registered will be bound to the license and checked at runtime. In the event that the deployment environment has a different MAC address than the one originally associated with the license at registration time, the Accusoft components will not be usable at runtime and licensing errors will be thrown. To avoid this, ensure that the deployment environment has a static MAC address.

In the event that the MAC address of your deployment environment has changed, and your license no longer works, please contact Accusoft Support for assistance.

Considerations For Non-Node-Locked (OEM) Licenses

OEM licenses (Non-Node-Locked) have less requirements for deployment and are overall better suited for cloud-based, server, and headless environments. For more information on OEM licenses and how they are used, see the How to Register a Manually Reported Runtime (Non-Node-Locked) page.

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