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AnalyzeField(Bitmap) Method

Accusoft.SmartZoneOCR.Net Assembly > Accusoft.SmartZoneOCRSdk Namespace > Reader Class > AnalyzeField Method : AnalyzeField(Bitmap) Method
The bit map to perform recognition on
Runs analysis of a field.
Public Overloads Function AnalyzeField( _
   ByVal bitmap As Bitmap _
) As TextBlockResult
Dim instance As Reader
Dim bitmap As Bitmap
Dim value As TextBlockResult
value = instance.AnalyzeField(bitmap)
public TextBlockResult AnalyzeField( 
   Bitmap bitmap
public: TextBlockResult* AnalyzeField( 
   Bitmap* bitmap
TextBlockResult^ AnalyzeField( 
   Bitmap^ bitmap


The bit map to perform recognition on

Return Value

TextBlockResult from recognition
Supported bit depths are 1-, 8-, 24- and 32-bits per pixel.
The image data cannot be read for format reasons other than an unsupported bit depth.
An invalid license is being used.
An area coordinate is outside the current image.
Input parameter cannot be null.
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