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ArithmeticSymbols Property (CharacterSet)

Accusoft.SmartZoneICR.Net Assembly > Accusoft.SmartZoneICRSdk Namespace > CharacterSet Class : ArithmeticSymbols Property
Gets a pre-defined CharacterSet which includes arithmetic symbolic characters.
Public Shared ReadOnly Property ArithmeticSymbols As CharacterSet
Dim value As CharacterSet
value = CharacterSet.ArithmeticSymbols
public static CharacterSet ArithmeticSymbols {get;}
public: __property static CharacterSet* get_ArithmeticSymbols();
static property CharacterSet^ ArithmeticSymbols {
   CharacterSet^ get();

A pre-defined CharacterSet which contains arithmetic symbols characters.

This character set for the specific language includes the following characters:

Language Characters
English +<=>
French +<=>
Spanish +<=>
Italian +<=>
German +<=>
Dutch +<=>
Portuguese +<=>
Norwegian +<=>
Finnish +<=>
Danish +<=>
Swedish +<=>
WesternEuropean +<=>

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