Below, please find the release notes for RasterMaster v20.6.0 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at

v20.6.0 - December 1, 2020

General availability release.

New Features

Ability to retrieve Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) meta data from JPEG images.

Known Issues

Bug Fixes

  • General
    • Removed XML eXternal Entity (XXE) attack vulnerabilities
  • Annotations
    • Added support for adding background color to Text Annotations
    • Fix for missing annotation tag and fixed scaling when exporting to PDF
  • OCR
    • Better text selection accuracy for customer supplied JSON OCR data
  • Watermark
    • Improved color and transparency when adding a watermark
  • LicenseManager
    • Improved status and error handling
  • PDF
    • Improved detection of stopped threads while rendering PDF files
    • Improved character width rendering for non-embedded fonts
    • Improved detection of PDF files with embedded HTML headers
    • Improved rendering of 24 bit Type 0 smooth shades
    • Improved rendering of embedded JBIG2, JPEG images
    • Improved rendering of 1 and 8 bit rotated images
    • Improved handling of transparent lines
    • Improved PDF/XFA support for form data
    • Fixed handling of PDF files with negative values in MediaBox
    • Improved rendering of Lab color objects
    • Fix for PDF files with malformed content streams
    • Improved multi-layer artwork parsing and rendering
    • Improved 16 bit deviceN text rendering
  • MS Office XML
    • Word
      • Improved VML parsing for custom shapes
      • Fix for displaying correct list-level index
      • Improved handling of hidden drawings
      • Added fix for missing images/drawings
      • Added support for rendering Chevron Shape
    • PowerPoint
      • Improved Group Shape parsing and rendering
      • Added SmartArt drawing support
  • Legacy MS Office
    • Rich Text Format (RTF)
      • Improved rendering of files with right-to-left text
    • MSG
      • Improved rendering of files with right-to-left text
  • HTML
    • Improved logging and processing speed
  • TXT
    • Improved UTF8 detection on text files without Beginning Of file Marker (BOM)
    • Improved postnet EBCDIC decoding
  • MIME (Email)
    • Improved parsing of headers with missing information