Below, please find the release notes for RasterMaster v20.4.0 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at

v20.4.0 - August 14, 2020

General availability release.

New Features

  • Upgraded iText from 7.0.5 to 7.1.9 for PDF/XFA, HTML file format support

  • Added Tesseract 4.1 OCR support for Linux Operating Systems

Packaging changes

  • Provided POM with dependencies only

  • Added Javadoc JAR packaging

Known Issues

  • The default software repository used by Debian 10 “buster”, and possibly other Linux distros, will install tesseract 4.0 which is incompatible with tess4j 4.5.2. Downgrading tess4j is not feasible. You must compile and install tesseract 4.1.x from source or use a 3’rd party repository. A quick guide (provided with no guarantees) is located in our VirtualViewer 5.4.0 Docker release GitHub repository. Windows is unaffected as these DLLs are provided.

Bug Fixes

  • Annotations
    • Added support Text Annotation background color for Daeja Annotations
    • Improved color and text for CM8 Annotations
    • Updated SANN_flipx(), SANN_flipy() to correctly flip annotation in-place
    • Retain alpha channel when merging transparent bitmap annotations
  • OCR
    • Improved PDF OCR performance
  • PDF
    • Improved rendering of axial smooth shades
    • Improved parsing of in-line images
    • Improved parsing of private dictionaries
    • Improved rendering of CFF fonts with charset encodings
    • Fixed bug in parsing Font names
    • Improved logic for finding start of cross reference table
    • Fix for documents with multiple content streams
    • Improved clipping of files with large regions
    • Improved filter parsing
    • Improved rendering of DeviceCMYK palette images
    • Fixed bug with documents with inline images
    • Fixed bug for documents with reused patterns
    • Improved parsing of ColorSpace names
    • Improved redering of TrueType fonts with WinAnsi encoding
    • Improved rendering of embedded TrueType fonts
  • MS Office XML
    • Word
      • Improved Office Shape and Group Shape rendering
      • Fix to use SaveDate in Form Field
    • Excel
      • Improved cell width calculation
      • Improved mult-line text formatting
    • PowerPoint
      • Improved rendering of transparent images with alpha channels
      • Improved rendering of Chart colors, titles, legends
  • Legacy MS Office
    • Word
      • Fix to use SaveDate in Form Field
    • Excel
      • Added support to handle CheckBox shape
      • Fixed bug calculating column widths for non-indexed files
      • Improved cell width calculation and text placement
    • Rich Text Format (RTF)
      • Fix to convert large, page-sized images as one page
    • MSG
      • Fix to not render empty recipient list
      • Improved rendering of Unicode text
    • Fixed bug for handling multiple overlays on a single page
    • Allow for extracting multiple TLE Tags per page
  • JPEG 2000
    • Fixed bug with 4 bit palette images
  • GIF
    • Ability to differentiate between GIF and Animated GIF files
  • TIFF
    • Added support for IEEE 32 bit grayscale images