Below, please find the release notes for RasterMaster v20.3 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at

v20.3.0 - March 5, 2020

General availability release.

New Features

  • Upgraded RasterMaster Java target from JDK 1.7 to JDK 11

  • Updated Overlay Callback API for AFP file conversion
    public int IMGLOW_set_overlay_callback( callbackMethod, java.lang.Object userData)
  • Added copy bookmark API for PDF file conversion
    public boolean hasBookmarks(byte[] pdfSource)
    public boolean hasBookmarks(DataInputStream pdfSource)
    public byte [] copyBookmarks(String bmSrcFileName, String destFileName, int[] params)
    public byte [] copyBookmarks(DataInputStream srcStream, DataInputStream destStream, int[] params)
  • Added Support PDF files with AES-256 encryption

  • TXT
    • Added SnowDoc interface/functionality for ASCII (TXT) files
  • MS Office XML
    • Added support for subscript and superscript text for XLS, XLSX, DOCX formats
    • Added support for strikethrough text in DOCX
  • Annotations
    • Added support for reading Daeja Extended Annotations

Known Issues


Bug Fixes

  • Annotations
    • Fixed bug when printing rotated annotations
  • JPEG2000
    • Fix for 1 and 8 bit images
    • Improved conversion speed
    • Improved cmyk to rgb color conversion
  • PDF
    • Improved parsing, including files with malformed XObjects
    • Fix for some malformed TrueType fonts
    • Fix for files with index images
    • Fix for images with type 3 and type 0 tint transforms
    • Fix for CFF fonts with private dictionaries
    • Fix for malformed font widths
    • Fix for stream objects with incorrect lengths
    • Fix for files with malformed cmaps
    • Fix for Type 1 PS fonts with StandardEncoding
    • Fix for files with embedded JPEG images
  • MS Office XML
    • Improved rendering of group picture frame objects
    • XLSX
      • Improved cell width calculations
  • RTF
    • Fix for color text