Below, please find the release notes for RasterMaster v20.2 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at

v20.2.0 - December 20, 2019

General availability release.

New Features

  • MS Office XML
    • Added support for Ring ‘Donut’ charts.
    • Updated chart plot data labels and titles
    • Support for Locale in date/time cell formats

Known Issues


Bug Fixes

  • PDF
    • Fix for files containing one bit G3 palette images
    • Fix for files containing RGB palette images
    • Fix for embedded MingLui font
    • Fixed bug parsing of Color LUT
    • Fix for files with image objects with zero length data stream
    • Fix for files with malformed Comment objects
    • Fix rendering of certain Type1 fonts
    • Fix encoding of embedded TrueType fonts as Type 0 font
    • Fix for embedded Smask images with inverted /Mask
    • Fix for embedded 4-bit images
    • Fix for embedded 8-bit palette images
    • Fix for malformed Type1 Fonts
    • Fix for malformed Object Stream with bad entries
    • Fix for images with Separation color space and Lab alternate colors
    • Fix clipping offset for 1 bit masked images
    • Fix for files with malformed Bounding Box
    • Fix for Spot colors with 4 separations
  • Legacy MS Office
    • Excel
      • Update for cells with scientific notation format
      • Detect password protected sheets
      • Get correct background color for Office Shapes
  • MS Office XML
    • Excel
      • Update for cells with scientific notation format
      • Updates for custom formatted cells
    • Word
      • Render Office Shapes with ‘clear’ patterns
      • Updated rendering of custom geometry
      • Correctly render empty (blank) pages
      • Render correct headers/footers
      • Updated pie and line charts when exporting to PDF
  • RTF
    • Fixed line spacing for paragraphs with no actual text
  • TIFF
    • Fix for integer defined strip byte counts
  • BMP
    • Fix for 16 bit images
  • Email (EML)
    • Better detection of email files
  • MSG
    • Fix for files with embedded HTML