Below, please find the release notes for RasterMaster v20.10.0 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at

v20.10.0 - October 28, 2022

General availability release.

Known Issues

  • None

New Features

  • MS Office XML Improved MS Office Chart support
  • Upgraded HTML and PDF/XFA support
  • Licensing messages use Logger instead of Console

Bug Fixes

  • PDF
    • Improved processing of Jbig2 embedded images
    • Improved handling of carriage returns and line feeds embedded in text strings
    • Improved PDF vs XFA detection
    • Fixed bug with CFF Fonts with MacRoman encoding
    • Fixed bug with certain fonts using glyph advance width
    • Fixed bug to use StandardEncoding for Type1 Fonts
    • Fixed bug for files with single level Pages Object
    • Fixed bug in color processing
    • Fixed bug in processing image dictionary
    • Improved Pattern support
    • Improved parsing of files with multiple XRef entries
    • Fixed bug with file that has multiple layers
    • Fixed bug in parsing of Type1 and Type3 Fonts
    • Fixed bug in rendering of ZapfDingbats font
    • Improved aliasing of embedded 8-bit images
    • Improved object stream command parsing
  • MS Office XML
    • Word
      • Fixed bug with rotated images in SVG output
      • Improved support for bi-directional (right-to-left) text
    • Excel
      • Improved header/footer support
      • Fixed bug to support sheets with large number of columns
      • Fixed bug to support null cell styles
      • Fixed bug to support very narrow cells
      • Fixed bug to support cells with no style
  • Legacy MS Office
    • MSG (Outlook)
      • Improved processing of embedded HTML with image attachments
    • RTF
      • Improved table cell width calculation/processing
  • ASCII (Txt)
    • Added support for bi-directional (right-to-left) text
    • Added support for detecting and processing extended ASCII files
    • Fixed bug when page margins are zero (0)
  • MIME (Email, EML)
    • Improved support for transfer encodings
    • Fixed bug to correctly render Registered ®️ symbol
    • Improved Font Table and code page parsing
  • TIFF
    • Fixed bug for uncompressed truncated files
    • Fixed bug in Group 4 files with incorrect aspect ratio
  • Annotations
    • Improved support when adding PDF annotations (text, arrow, line, rectangle) to PDF files
    • Added transparency to P8 (FileNet) annotations