Below, please find the release notes for RasterMaster v20.0 and associated minor releases. For questions, please contact us at

v20.0.3 - July 17, 2019

Internal testing release for VirtualViewer.

v20.0.2 - June 28, 2019

EMR release.

v20.0.1 - June 25, 2019

GA release for VirtualViewer Java 5.0.0

Bug Fixes

  • Office improvements.

v20.0.0 - May 13, 2019

General availability release.

New Features

Document based API

New document based API for MS Office XML and Legacy MS Office Word documents, which retains document information and significantly reduces processing time of subsequent pages.


SnowDoc is a new way of managing and manipulating documents available in RasterMaster 20.0. SnowDocs are created by SnowDocFactory. Once a SnowDoc has been created, it is able to generate pages of output in any export format that RasterMaster supports. Retrieving pages from a SnowDoc is thread-safe, meaning that it’s possible to retrieve an arbitrary number of pages at the same time from a single SnowDoc object.


SnowDocFactory provides two essential functions for SnowDoc creation. Each function accepts any of three possible representations of an input file.

  • A created from the input file
  • A java.lang.String consisting of the system path to the input file
  • A byte[] containing the byte data of the input file

####### Methods

  • public static boolean isSnowDocFormat(DataInputStream fileStream)

    • Determines format of the input file & returns true if that format is supported by SnowDoc
    • Will continue to be updated as more formats are adapted to support SnowDoc
  • public static SnowDoc createSnowDoc(DataInputStream fileStream)

    • Creates a SnowDoc from the input file & returns it
    • Accepts optional parameters to specify layout resolution & bit depth, as well as the ability to override the file’s default page width & height. For example:
      • public static SnowDoc createSnowDoc(DataInputStream fileStream, int resolution, int bitDepth)
      • public static SnowDoc createSnowDoc(DataInputStream fileStream, int resolution, int bitDepth, int width, int height)
    • These optional parameters are also available for the String & byte[] versions of createSnowDoc
    • The default resolution is 300dpi
    • The default bit depth is 24
    • The optional width and height parameters are in pixels at the specified resolution

SnowException class extends java.lang.Exception and will be thrown from some SnowDoc and SnowDocFactory functions. There are currently three types of SnowException.

  • InvalidLicenseException is thrown when SnowDoc is unable to locate a valid RasterMaster license
  • PageNotFoundException is thrown when a requested page number doesn’t exist in the document
  • UnsupportedFormatException is thrown by SnowDocFactory.createSnowDoc() when the input file is in a format not supported by SnowDoc

Other improvements/features

  • MS Office XML
    • General
      • Significant performance improvement using new Document based API
      • Support for Area Charts
      • Support for Rounded Rectangle in vector output
    • PowerPoint
      • Support for rotated custom geometry
      • Support for ‘homeplate’ preset geometry
      • Support for embedded MS Charts
  • Legacy MS Office
    • Word
      • Significant performance improvement using new Document based API
    • Excel
      • Support for non-indexed files
  • Enhanced Product Licensing

  • PDF
    • Enhanced support for adding Meta Data when exporting to PDF
    • Support for indexed separation color space images
    • Support for Header and Footer Annotation
    • Support for 8 bit color images
    • Support for degree character
    • Support for line join and line cap
    • Support for Portfolio files
    • Support for 2 bit images
    • Split n-page file into n separate files using IMGLOW_splitPDF()
  • MSG
    • Support for embedded HTML streams
    • Support for Unicode files

Known Issues


Bug Fixes

  • PDF
    • Fix Type1 Font rendering mode
    • Fix character width for some Courier fonts
    • Fix clip path when exporting to SVG
    • Fix masked images when exporting to SVG
    • Fix for watermark images
    • Fix for missing or misplaced PDF annotations
    • Enhanced dictionary parsing
    • Fixed scaling of non-embedded fonts
    • Fixed XFA detection
    • Fix parsing of unicode fonts
    • Fix handling files with indirect rectangle dictionaries
    • Fix for CMYK progressive jpeg images
    • Fix for Thai character set fonts
    • Fix for ZapfDingBats fonts
    • Fix for transparent images/objects
    • Fix for inline images
    • Fix for encrypted files
    • Fix for SMasks
    • Fix for German Copyright symbol
    • Fix for non-standard PDF headers
    • Fix 8 bit images with 4 components
    • Fix for Spot Color Type 0
    • Fix for greyscale G4 images
    • Fix for RunLengthDecode images
    • Fix for invisible text
    • Fix clipping rectangle for annotations
    • Fix parsing of Palette stream
    • Fix shading patterns
    • Fix for rotated image masks
  • MS Office XML
    • General
      • Fix line arrow drawing and direction
      • Fix chart background and series colors
      • More robust XML parsing
      • Fix embedded enhanced meta (EMF) file background color
    • Word
      • Fix highlighted text position
      • Fix for Theme colors
    • Excel
      • Fixes for missing rows and content
  • Legacy MS Office
    • Legacy Word (DOC)
      • Fix text color in vector output
      • Fix handling of outlines/border for Office Shapes
      • More precise text placement
      • Fix checkboxes in vector output
      • Fix text for embedded enhanced meta files (EMF)
    • Legacy Excel (XLS)
      • Fix date custom formats
      • Fix support of extended ascii character set
      • Fix exporting embedded images to PDF
      • Fix for non-indexed files with merged cells
    • Legacy PowerPoint (PPT)
      • Support for cropped and rotated embedded images
      • Fixed textbox border display
      • Fixed display of embedded enhanced meta files (EMF)
  • MSG
    • Fix for header to display on first page only
  • AFP
    • Fix font spacing issue for small font sizes
    • Fix font attributes for Courier
    • Fix image patterns and masks
    • Fix ‘DATA1’ font to map to Courier
    • Fix for packed bit encoded images
    • Fix fill patterns
    • Fix handling of malformed files
    • Fix for masked images
    • Fix display of underscore character
    • Fix color for graphics objects
    • Fix text when extracting to vector
    • Fix 32 bit LZW images
    • Fix page offset for multi-page files
    • Fix extended ascii and UTF8 files
  • JPG
    • Fix for displaying low-contrast greyscale images
  • TIFF
    • Fix for Tiled TIFF/JPEG images
  • HTML
    • Fix graphics when exporting to PDF
  • Annotations
    • More robust P8 annotation parsing
    • Fix for P8 Sticky-note background color
    • Fix bug with rubber stamp annotation when exported to PDF
    • Fix swapped annotation colors
    • Fix display of ampersand character in text annotations
    • Fix flipping of bubble annotation
    • Fix line text wrapping for Post-it annotations
  • Pattern Search
    • Fix for ‘greedy’ pattern search results