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Saving Your Changes

To save changes to the .ini file, you must either click on the Save button on the Main toolbar or use the File, Save or File, Save As function from the Main menu. Otherwise, if you exit the application without selecting to save your modifications, your changes will not be saved to the .ini file. 

Restrict User Interface & Restricted Commands

Only the Restrict User Interface settings and the Restricted Commands settings limit user interface options. Use these instructions to prevent users from customizing their interface:

All other modifications that you make in the Configuration Application are for setting the default values. 

Selecting the Default Mouse Tool

In Prizm® Viewer, the Zoom Rectangle Tool is the default mouse action. You can only select one mouse action at a time to be the default mouse tool. 

Annotation editing must be enabled to select an annotation function as the default mouse tool. If annotation editing is not enabled, and an annotation function is selected as the default mouse action, the Zoom Rectangle will be used instead.

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