Image Settings

The Image Settings dialog box allows you to define the initial display for the following groupings of image types: Bitonal, Color/Grayscale, PDF, and CAD. You can select the settings for each of the types: Initial Display, Rotation, Mirror, Image Enhancements, Scaling, Image Centering Coordinates, and Rectangle Coordinates.

To customize the Image Settings, select the Edit Parameters feature which is described below.

Edit Parameters

  1. Click Edit Parameters to display the Image Settings dialog box.
  2. Make the selections you want for the Image Types and their associated settings. For more information on the settings available, refer to the Detailed Information section below.
  3. To save your selections, click OK. To cancel your selections, click Cancel. To restore the default setting, click Restore Defaults.

To save changes to the .ini file, you must click on the Save button on the Main menu before exiting the application.

Detailed Information

Select the desired default settings to associate with each grouping:

For PDF and CAD images, InitialImageScalingRatio and InitialImageScalingFactor have the identical effect. This is due to the fact that PDF and CAD images are not based on pixels.

CAD images will generally not be displayed actual size unless the size unit for the CAD image is inches. All other units will be treated as inches and scaled accordingly. For example, a CAD image measured in miles will be displayed 1 inch per mile if you set this property to 1.0.

This setting does not apply to bitonal, PDF, and CAD images.

This setting does not apply to bitonal, PDF, and CAD images.



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