PrizmDoc Viewer v13.20 Release - Updated
Getting Started / Try It!
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    Try It!
    In This Topic

    We have a public Docker image which makes it easy to evaluate PrizmDoc Viewer on a single machine: accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval.

    To run the PrizmDoc Viewer Eval, you simply need a Docker host (a machine with Docker installed). See the Docker documentation for more information.

    Running this image will:

    1. Start a demo web application at http://localhost:8888 where you can easily explore the viewer and its features using your own documents.
    2. Start a complete PrizmDoc Viewer backend which you can begin using for local development of your application.

    NOTE: The accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval Docker image is only suitable for evaluation and local development. It is not suitable for a production deployment. You'll want to use the accusoft/prizmdoc-application-services and accusoft/prizmdoc-server Docker images instead. See the Admin Guide for more information.

    Minimum Required Hardware Resources

    Before running, you MUST make sure that you've configured Docker to use the following minimum hardware resources:

    • CPUs: 2
    • Memory: 7.50 GB

    If you try to run the image with fewer CPUs or less memory, it may not function correctly.


    First, pull the latest version of the accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval image:

    docker pull accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval:latest

    Then, start a running container:

    docker run --rm -p 8888:8888 -p 3000:3000 -p 18681:18681 -e ACCEPT_EULA=YES --name prizmdoc-viewer-eval accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval:latest

    Optional: Providing a License Key

    The example above starts PrizmDoc Viewer without a license key in evaluation mode with a fixed feature set. If you would like to do a full-featured evaluation of the product, please contact for a license. If you have a license, you can provide it by setting two extra environment variables, LICENSE_SOLUTION_NAME and LICENSE_KEY:

    docker run --rm -p 8888:8888 -p 3000:3000 -p 18681:18681 -e ACCEPT_EULA=YES -e LICENSE_SOLUTION_NAME=YOUR_SOLUTION_NAME -e LICENSE_KEY=YOUR_LICENSE_KEY --name prizmdoc-viewer-eval accusoft/prizmdoc-viewer-eval:latest

    Just replace YOUR_SOLUTION_NAME and YOUR_LICENSE_KEY with the actual values.

    Wait for the Start-Up Process to Complete

    It will take a minute or two for the PrizmDoc Viewer backend to fully start. Eventually, you should see something like this:

     PrizmDoc Server is running at:
     PAS (PrizmDoc Application Services) is running at:
     Demo application will be started at:
    Starting the demo application...
    > prizmdoc-viewer-eval-demo@1.0.0 start /demo
    > NODE_ENV=production node main.js
    Application running at http://localhost:8888

    Once you see this, the container is fully up and running.

    Using the Demo

    After starting, you can view the demo app at http://localhost:8888 and start exploring the viewer and its features with your own documents.


    To stop the running Docker container, just use Ctrl+C in the same terminal where the container is running.

    Alternately, you can stop the container by name: docker stop prizmdoc-viewer-eval

    Next Steps

    Take a look at our Sample Applications.