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    Metered License
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    A Metered License is an internet-connected license which allows you to use all features of the product on as many servers as you want as long as your license is current and your PrizmDoc Server instances are able to periodically contact Accusoft.

    At runtime, each PrizmDoc Server instance will periodically contact Accusoft to 1) report the number of documents you have processed and 2) validate your license is still current. See the FAQ below for more information.

    To purchase a Metered License, contact


    • You must be running PrizmDoc Server v13.15 or greater.
    • Your PrizmDoc Server instances must be able to send HTTP requests to Accusoft ( during startup and periodically while running (see the FAQ below for more information).


    To configure a PrizmDoc Server instance to use a Metered License:

    1. Update two values in your Central Configuration file (prizm-services-config.yml):

      • license.key - Set to your Metered License key (like abc...).
      • license.solutionName - Set to any value of your choice. The value does not matter, but a value must be set or the product will not start.
    2. Start/Restart PrizmDoc Server to apply the new license key.

    Once PrizmDoc Server starts and reports healthy, you are licensed and ready for production traffic.


    What counts as a "processed document"?

    We count the number of times any document is processed.

    A process is anything that does work on a document, such as a viewing session, a markup burning operation, or a content conversion operation. For example:

    • Creating a viewing session for one document counts as 1 processed document.
    • Creating a viewing session to compare two DOCX files counts as 2 processed documents.
    • Creating a viewing session for an email with attachments will count as 1 processed document for the email itself and 1 processed document for each top-level attachment.
    • Creating redaction definitions by looking for text in a document by regex patterns counts as 1 processed document.
    • Burning redactions or annotation definitions into a document counts as 1 processed document.
    • Using the Content Conversion Service to convert or combine documents will count as n processed documents based on the number of input documents you use. For example, if you convert a DOCX to a PDF, there is only one input document, so this will count as 1 processed document. If you convert a PDF to multiple PNG files, one output per page, there is still only one input document, so this will count as 1 processed document. If you combine three files into a single output, there are three input documents, so this will count as 3 processed documents.

    If the same document is processed repeatedly, we will count each time it is processed. For example, if a single document is viewed 25 times, it will count as 25 processed documents.

    What data is reported back to Accusoft?

    We report the number of processed documents for various periods of time (typically 4 hour intervals).

    A report back to Accusoft will include a list of time periods. Each reported time period will include:

    • Timestamp of when the period began
    • Duration of the period
    • Count of documents processed
    • An auto-generated id

    No other data is reported back to Accusoft.

    How often does PrizmDoc Server contact Accusoft at runtime?

    By default, PrizmDoc Server instances will contact Accusoft once every 18 hours. The exact interval used by your license is subject to change by Accusoft.

    What happens if PrizmDoc Server is unable to reach Accusoft?

    When starting, PrizmDoc Server MUST be able to reach Accusoft to validate your license is current. If it cannot, it will refuse to start.

    While running, PrizmDoc Server will gracefully allow a temporary disruption in connectivity to Accusoft. However, if PrizmDoc Server is unable to reach Accusoft for a long period of time (6 hours by default), it will disable product functionality and cause all REST API requests to return HTTP 580 ProductNotLicensed. Once product functionality is disabled, you must restart PrizmDoc Server for functionality to be restored.