PrizmDoc v13.1 - Updated
About PrizmDoc

PrizmDoc™ is a suite of HTTP services and JavaScript browser code that makes it easy for you to add document viewing, redaction, annotation, conversion, and other document processing services to your web site or applications using only HTML5 standard technologies. Users can view a variety of document types, including Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, AutoCAD, and many other document and image types without having to install native applications.

The key features of PrizmDoc include:

True Zero-Footprint Viewing

If you’re building an application that requires easy-to-implement document viewing, using PrizmDoc to render and display documents is perfect for you. By converting any document and image into web standard formats, you can display documents right in a web browser on any desktop or mobile device. With just a few lines of code, you can embed PrizmDoc’s customizable document viewer into your web site, application or document management solution. No installation is required on your customer’s device, because everything they need is delivered directly in the browser - no downloads required!

Support for the Documents You Care About

Accusoft's extensive history with document and image file formats guarantees that your customers will see accurate, consistent representations of the files they care about.

Full Markup/Annotation Capabilities

PrizmDoc’s annotation layering functionality allows multiple users to mark up a document and to see and comment on each other’s additions. Keeping all marks in a single document with the ability to show or hide individual user contributions provides clear and concise version control.

Full Redaction Capability

Download redacted versions of sensitive, original documents. PrizmDoc’s redaction technology securely removes any trace of the redacted items from the final document. Redactions can be applied manually or automatically via search results or pre-populated search terms. Automatic redaction can also be set using regular expressions to search and redact format-specific content, such as Social Security numbers, phone numbers, emails, and dates.

Large Document Viewing & Server-Side Search

Added in v12.0, Large Document Viewing & Server-Side Search allows you to view and search extremely large documents in no time. The product supports large documents in a variety of formats, providing faster rendering and superior performance for documents with 1000+ pages. The Large Document Viewing & Server-Side Search feature reduces the memory load in the Viewer, minimizing the load time and optimizing performance for viewing and searching large documents. For example, PrizmDoc loads a document the size of War and Peace very quickly and is ready to view and search in seconds, rather than minutes. For more details on this feature, refer to Working Effectively with Large Documents.

Advanced Search

Search documents by keyword, phrase, regular expressions and many other parameters. Search parameters include exact word/phrase matching, case-sensitive matching, whole-word-only, begins-with/ends-with, and wildcard support. Matches are highlighted for easy viewing, and persistent hit highlighting allows you to see multiple search terms within a document.


PrizmDoc’s extensive API gives your application full control over almost every feature. You can easily personalize PrizmDoc to meet your application’s needs and brand standards.

Pre-Convert Your Documents for Even Faster Viewing

By pre-converting your important documents, your customers can experience nearly instantaneous viewing.

Microsoft Office Conversion

The Microsoft Office Conversion service provides native rendering of Microsoft Office documents in PrizmDoc’s Viewer, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This enhanced rendering offers a solution for companies that require native rendering of Microsoft Office documents. What does this mean exactly? Near-native rendering produces an interpretation of the original Microsoft Office document. Background screens, font spacing, and charts may not be identical to how the document looks when viewed in the original authoring application. Native rendering presents the document as viewed in the original authoring application. This provides a true, accurate, and intended depiction of the original file. When a Microsoft Office document is sent to PrizmDoc to be processed, it will then use Microsoft Office for native rendering of that document.

If you're using the Accusoft Cloud-Hosted option, this feature is ready to go. If you're using the Self-Hosted option, you need to complete the following additional steps to take advantage of this new service:

Document Comparison

Document comparison is the process of cross-checking new versions of a Microsoft Word document against previous versions so that you can see the changes. These changes could include formatting modifications such as font or spacing changes, grammatical changes, or the addition or omission of words, sentences, clauses or paragraphs. For more details on how to implement Document Comparison, refer to the following topics:

Document Comparison uses PrizmDoc's Native Microsoft Office capability. If you're using the Accusoft Cloud-Hosted option, this feature is ready to go. If you're using the Self-Hosted option, you need to complete the following additional steps to take advantage of this new service:

Form Field Detector

The Form Field Detector recognizes a form (PDF AcroForm or raster file) then automatically creates interactive fillable form fields.

The Form Field Detector saves users precious time and money by converting paper and PDF forms into digital, interactive online documents. Conserve paper, save time, and avoid the hassle. With the Form Field Detector, you can build a document management system that works for you! Process forms and manage your documents digitally. The process becomes much more organized when you don’t have to print the form, manually fill it out, sign the document, and return it completed via fax or scanner. Forms may then be built into a document management solution and sent out for filling and/or signature. You can then embed the forms into a website or application, and build in functionality to route entered data to a database for an automated upload of information.

If you're using the Accusoft Cloud-Hosted option, this feature is ready to go. If you're using the Self-Hosted option, you need to purchase an add-on license.

About PrizmDoc Help

As of PrizmDoc v12.0, we’re providing the online help on our website only (rather than including an offline version in the PrizmDoc installer). This allows us to provide you with more frequent updates and ensure that you always have the latest version. In addition, the PrizmDoc Documentation page on our website provides: