PrizmDoc v12.0 - November 15, 2016
Natively Render Microsoft Office Documents

WIth PrizmDoc v12.0, Accusoft is offering a new Microsoft Office Conversion (MSO) add-on option for PrizmDoc Server running on Windows. The Microsoft Office Conversion service allows you to have native rendering of Microsoft documents in PrizmDoc’s Viewing Client, Content Conversion and MarkupBurner services. Available as an add-on licensed option to your PrizmDoc Windows product, this enhanced rendering offers a solution for companies who have a business requirement of native rendering of Microsoft Office documents. Please refer to Supported File Formats section for complete list of document formats supported by MSO.

The MSO conversion option is triggered by the license key that includes the MSO feature.The MSO feature can be purchased additionally to your standard PrizmDoc Server license.

The MSO conversion option utilizes Microsoft Office rendering capabilities and therefore requires the components listed in the Windows Requirements section to be available on the system. Please follow all the required Windows Installation steps to let the PrizmDoc Server installer successfully pre-configure the system. When running on a non-pre-configured system, PrizmDoc Server installer for Windows will determine the required registry configuration settings specific to you server characteristics, make those changes in the registry, and require system reboot.

Auto Deployment

In order to avoid a system reboot when installing PrizmDoc Server for Windows: for cloud-based systems using auto-deployment, all the required components listed in the Windows Requirements section should be installed and manually configured prior to creating an image of the Server system.

Additionally, the following registry modification is required to be made prior to creating an image of the Windows Server system to provide the recommended heap size scalability for the Microsoft Office rendering engine and achieve the best conversion performance results:

Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\SubSystems

Value: Windows

That value is a complex, space separated set of system wide settings, one of which is named "SharedSection". This is a comma-separated string value containing 3 numeric values that may look like: SharedSection=1024,20480,768.

The third numeric value is a non-interactive desktop heap size in kilobytes, which is required to be manually set to the Heap Size Value corresponding to the server specification as described in the following table:

CPU Cores Instance Count Heap Size Multiplication Factor Heap Size Value
Cores <=4 Number of Cores 1 768 (default)
4 < Cores < 8 4 1 768 (default)
8 8 3 2304
12 12 4 3072
16 16 5 3840
20 20 6 4608
24 24 7 5376
28 28 8 6144
32 32 9 6912

The heap size value is calculated from the default size by applying the heap size multiplier corresponding to the number of CPU cores available on the server.

The manual heap size value adjustment process is not required when the PrizmDoc Windows Server installer is running in the interactive UI mode since the installer will make all the necessary registry changes and require the system reboot.

The instance count indicates the number of Office document converter processes the Office Conversion service will handle when using the MSO option.



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