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How to use the Form Field Detector

The E-Signature Module's Form Field Detector supports the ability for you to upload a PDF document or raster image with form fields, auto-detect and convert the active fields for the E-Signature Template. You can modify the fields as needed and share the document with another user who will complete and sign the document. The Form Field Detector facilitates a fast, convenient and more secure process for working with PDF documents and raster images with form fields.

Supported Fields

Field Type Description
Button Fields Check box and Radio button field types are supported. The Push-button field type is not supported.
Text Fields Are supported, including limited support for font and color attributes.
Choice Fields Not supported.
Signature Fields Are supported.

Adding a PDF file or Raster Image to the E-Signature Splash Screen

Use the following steps to upload and convert a document using the Form Field Detector:

The following example uses a PDF file, but the same process can be used for a raster image with form fields.
  1. From the splash screen, under Create a New Template, drag and drop the PDF file that you want to use:


  1. The Convert Document dialog displays:


Choose to either Continue Without Converting or Convert Document. (If you choose Continue Without Converting, the PDF file will open, but the form fields will not be converted.)

  1. After you click Convert Document, the Convert Document Progress dialog displays:


  1. Once the PDF file has successfully converted, the Document Form Fields Converted dialog displays:


  1. The PDF file is displayed within the Template Designer and you can click on the converted fields and make changes as desired:


  1. After you have finished making your changes, you can name the template and save it.


Refer to the following topic for possible error messages:


Making Additional Changes to Your Template

For details on how to make additional changes to your template, refer to the following topics: 

Signing the Template

For information on how to sign a PDF that has been converted to an E-Signature Template, refer to the following topic:



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