Using the Proximity Search Feature

The Search tab contains the Proximity Search feature that helps you search for two terms within a specified distance of each other. You can perform a proximity search by using the ~n syntax in the search bar, where "n" represents how many words can be between the first and second search terms and still return a result. When the search results are displayed, they will be highlighted on the document for ease of viewing.

Please note the following:

The following example shows the Search tab with the Proximity Search icon selected. The Search text box is pre-filled with the term "Search Document ~n" to help you remember to enter the terms with the ~n syntax:


Proximity Search

To use the Proximity Search feature to search for terms:

  1. From the Search tab, click on the Proximity Search icon:


  1. In the Search Document text box, enter the two terms you want to search for along with the number (~n) to indicate the distance between the two terms and press Enter:
In the example above, the terms "collaborate documents ~3" were entered and searched for in the document. The terms are highlighted in the main viewing window and the results are also shown in the left-hand viewing pane for easier navigation with multiple search results. Note that the order of the terms you enter does not matter; you can enter "collaborate documents ~3" or "documents collaborate ~3" and the same results are returned for viewing.



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