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Redaction Features in the Flash Viewer

Redactions differ from Annotations in the sense that they can be burned in permanently to the document, whereas Annotations are applied on top of a document and do not permanently alter the document.

When licensed for redactions, the viewer user interface will include a tab named “Redact”. This requires that the pages specified in Settings.xml work correctly (see User Guide > Integrating with Your Application > Understanding Settings.xml).


Types of Redactions

The Flash Viewer supports the following Redaction types:

Filled Rectangle Create a filled rectangle redaction. The color will always be black.
Select Text Create a highlight redaction for vector based text. Note that for vector based text, this will usually be a better choice than the Transparent Rectangle, as this redaction is tied to the location of the text elements selected.

Create a stamp redaction, which can be configured with different values:

Text Create a text redaction in the area that you choose.
Transparent Rectangle Create a filled rectangle redaction highlight in yellow.

How to Create a Redaction

  1. With a document loaded, click the Redact tab.
  2. Select the desired redaction type by clicking the appropriate button.
  3. Draw the redaction on the screen.
    You can draw as many redactions as needed in one session on any page in the document.
  4. If needed, you can edit a redaction by clicking it.
    While the redaction has focus, you can move, resize, or delete it (by clicking the Delete key).
  5. Click the Save button to save your redactions.

How to Save Redactions

To save a Redaction, click the Save button. A dialog box with the following options will appear:



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