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Prizm Cache Manager

Prizm Content Connect uses a temporary file system cache to store the files as they are being converted and served. The cache also acts as file-system-based temporary storage for converted files. When requests for previously converted files come in, this temporary cache comes in handy and can be used to serve the files previously rendered, thus resulting in faster response time and saving on CPU cycles for conversions.

If you configured the sample project, tempcache would have been set at C:\tempcache the path specified by the <TempcachePath> tag in prizmconfig.xml file available in the sample folder.

Windows version of Prizm Content Connect comes with a Windows-based tool called CacheManager which allows you to control the temporary cache, and prevent it from growing beyond a reasonable size. CacheManager can be configured as required and allows rule-setting for maintaining and deleting files from the temporary cache.

CacheManager Install Location: <prizm-install>\CacheManager

CacheManager requires .Net framework 2.0 or higher.

Prizm Cache Manager

There are various settings options:


Maintain <TempcachePath> at size 1GB and run service every 30 min to maintain this size.

Delete older than 6 months to get size to 1GB.

Directory %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Accusoft\Prizm\Cache

Extensions *.*

Size Limit:10GB

Delete Files Older Than: 30 min

Run Every :30 min


My files are not getting deleted, though size of folder is larger than set size.

I click on CacheMgrTool and nothing happens.

I click on Register or Start service and an exception or error occurs.



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