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Configuring HTML5 Samples

Quick Start Samples

The HTML5 Samples are installed in the <Install Location>\Samples directory. The C# and .Net samples were created in Visual Studio 2010 in .Net Framework 4.0. The PCC Installer configures the samples to run out of the box on a machine with IIS installed.

PHP and JSP samples need to be configured manually. The PHP samples require PHP 5.0 or higher. JSP samples require Apache Tomcat 6 or higher.

We recommend you map the corresponding sample path as an alias on your web server. Please refer to Apache manual or Tomcat manual for details.

The Virtual Directories, PrizmCC_Samples_HTML5_CS and PrizmCC_Samples_HTML5_VB will be created. For more details on IIS samples configuration, refer to the Installation Guide.

If you choose to install all of the samples, the following IIS Applications will be created:

You can run the samples in the following ways:

This section provides the following additional information:



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