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Implementing Redactions in the Web Tier

The samples included in your installation do not include sample code for burning Redactions. However, the samples can serve as an excellent starting point to implementing the code examples below in order to fully support redactions.

Verify that you have all of the files needed in the settings.xml. The sample projects in the <Install path>/Samples/Plus folder have examples of the files as well as a working settings.xml file. For more information on settings.xml, refer to Configuring Flash Viewer Samples

Redaction Parameters

Optional Flash Parameters are provided to let you fully embed Prizm Content Connect Plus as a part of your application process, while customizing Redaction functionality to your users’ requirements.

See the full list of available Flash Parameters in the Developer Guide (API Reference) > Flash Viewer > Flash Vars.

Your custom code needs to appear as ‘flashvars’ param variable so that it can be passed to the flash file at runtime.

Given below is an example with code showing various variables.

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<script src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js” language="javascript"></script>
<script src="jquery.swfobject.1-1-1.min.js" language="javascript"></script>
documentviewer = $.flash.create(
  swf: 'ViewerEnterprise.swf ',
  id:''ViewerEnterprise ',
  height: 600,
  width: 750,
  wmode: 'window',
  scale: 'noscale',
  allowFullScreen: true,
  allowScriptAccess: 'always',
  hasVersion: 10,
  hasVersionFail: function (options) {
  alert("You do not have required flash version");
  encodeParams: false,
  bgcolor: '#ffffff',  
  flashvars: {
   documentname: '<%=document %>',
                                            redactionReasons: 'Test Reason|New Reason|Confidential'
 function () {
<div id="documentviewer"></div>

Redaction Tab Buttons

The buttons that are specific to the Redact tab can be found in the Developer Guide (API Reference). They can be configured to be enabled or disabled by the developer.

If the viewer is not licensed for Redactions, the buttons will not be visible, even if the developer specifically chooses to enable them.

Burning of Redactions (Real Time)

Redactions that are manually created by the user can be burned onto the document when the user clicks on the ‘save’ button in the viewer.

  1. In settings.xml, set annotationsSaveURL as savemarkup.aspx or savemarkup.php file:
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  1. In savemarkup file, get the annotation xml and burn the annotation to create a new PDF version of document:
Sample ASP C# Code for savemarkup
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// path to save the markups xml. This could be a temp location also
    string path2Save = Server.MapPath("markups\\"); 
// get document name from viewer
    string documentname= Request.Form["documentname"];
//get markup xml from viewer. This contains the markups to be burned
    string xml = Request.Form["annotations"];    
//markup name of xml from viewer 
//markup name can be auto generated also, set  saveAnnotationAs flash variable 
    string markupName = Request.Form["annotationName"];   
// path to save the xml
    string fileName = path2Save + Session["UniqueFileIdHash"] + "-" + markupName + ".xml";    
//Write the xml 
    StreamWriter sr = new StreamWriter(fileName);
//burn the xml to document to create a new pdf of document with xml burned in 
HttpWebRequest HttpWReq = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create("http://localhost:18680/convert2swf?source=" + originalDocument + "&target=" + targetPDFLocation) + "&redaction=" + fileName;
 HttpWebResponse HttpWResp = (HttpWebResponse)HttpWReq.GetResponse();
 StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(HttpWResp.GetResponseStream(), System.Text.Encoding.UTF8);
    Response.Write("<root><saveAnnotationResponse saved='1'/></root>");


Sample PHP Code for savemarkup
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$uploaddir = "/var/www/html/samplecode-enterprise/";
$tempcachedir= "/var/www/html/samplecode-enterprise/temp/";
$path2Save ='markups/' ;

$document = $_POST['fileName'];
$xmlfileName = $path2Save . $document . "_" . $annotationName . ".xml";
$fp = fopen($xmlfileName, 'w');
fwrite($fp, $xml);

# Burn the annotation to document
$urlstring="http://localhost:18680/convert2swf?source=" . $uploaddir .$document. "&target=redacted_" . $ document.”.pdf&redaction=”.$xmlfileName;

header("Content-Type: application/xml");
echo "<root><saveAnnotationResponse saved='1'/></root>";




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