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How to Burn Redaction XML to the Document


The convert2swfclient.jar provides methods to convert your documents to swf format to be used by the Viewer. This requires the Proxy Server to be running.

The convert2swf.jar is deprecated and is left for backwards compatibility only. For new implementations, use conver2swfclient.jar.

To run this utility type:

java -jar convert2swfclient.jar


java -jar convert2swfclient.jar argument1=value1 argument2=value2 ...

Refer to the Prizm Content Connect Developer Guide for a full list of Viewer arguments.

Redaction Related Arguments


Source file path.

target Target directory or target file path. If target is empty, the result is saved to the source directory.

XML containing the markups. This is the xml saved from viewer. One XML is generated by the Viewer to contain both redaction and annotation markups.

To add redaction xml to sample.doc:

java -jar convert2swf.jar source=sample.doc target=sample.pdf redaction=test.xml

where text.xml is the xml saved from viewer.



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