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How to Localize the Flash Viewer

Localizing the Viewer

To localize Prizm Content Connect Plus, simply pass the "locale" Flash Variable with the name of your localization XML file containing the language translations. Do not include the file extension, .xml, because the viewer will append this to the value supplied. For example, to display German, simply pass the FlashVar as:


where the file german.xml is a file residing at the same location as ViewerEnterprise.swf.

The default locale is "locale=english". This is the only file name that is reserved and would effectively be ignored and all internal default values would be used.

The following link shows the sample xml for locale=english:

To generate xml for any other language or change the text, simply replace the xml nodes with local language text. For example, to generate xml for locale=hindi, you can have xml node:

PreviousPage as <PreviousPage>पिछले पृष्ठ</PreviousPage>


Example of Initializing the Viewer and Passing FlashVars using JavaScript
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<script type="text/javascript">
        var params = {
            wmode: 'opaque',
            scale: 'noscale',
            allowFullScreen: true,
            allowScriptAccess: 'always',
            bgcolor: '#ffffff'
        var attributes = {
            id: 'ViewerEnterprise',
            name: 'ViewerEnterprise'
        var flashvars = {
            documentname: '<%=origDocument %>',
            saveDocumentLocation: 'PCC/savedocument.ashx?document=<%=origDocument %>',
            locale: 'german'
        swfobject.embedSWF("ViewerEnterprise.swf", "documentviewer", "800", "650", "10.0.0", false, flashvars, params, attributes); 



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