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How to Generate Thumbnails

Generating Thumbnails

Prizm Content Connect Plus has a built-in script to generate thumbnail images of the various pages of documents. These thumbnails can be displayed as .swf image files in the default AJAX-based Viewer client, or as .png image files in the Zero Footprint Client, Mobile Client, and various other applications .

For creating a batch process or other custom application, thumbnails can be generated using convert2swfclient.jar or by using the ProxyWebService.

Thumbnail Related Arguments

source the source folder and file for conversion
target the target folder and target file
wtmtext specifies thumbnail image width and height (e.g., 150x200)
wtmtext adds watermark on each page (Note – Watermark feature requires
full license key.)
wtmfont watermark font, default: Helvetica
wtmsize watermark size, default: 130
wtmalpha watermark opacity (1-100), default: 10

Generating Thumbnails Using the WebService

Example 1

To create a thumbnail of page 1 of sample.tiff:


Example 2

To create a thumbnail of all pages of sample.tiff:

java -jar convert2swfclient.jar source=sample.tiff thumbnail=100x150


Example 3

The Watermark feature requires a full license key.

To create a thumbnail of sample.tiff, specify target location, and add watermark “Approved” on each thumbnail:




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