Setup Options

PrizmDoc Server default installation and configuration is designed with the intent to handle all requests and processing on a single server; however, running a single server will limit the bandwidth available for fulfilling requests. To address that problem, PrizmDoc Server can be installed on multiple servers and configured to route requests among them.

A multi-server installation follows the same process as a single-server installation with some additional configuration steps once installation and licensing have been completed.

For an overview of how Multi-Server Mode works and steps to configure your server for multi-server use, please see our Multi-Server Mode introduction. If you’re an existing customer and already familiar with Multi-Server Mode, you can find information on our Multi-Server Mode API here.

With a multi-server configuration, there are special considerations for optimizing PrizmDoc Server’s performance by configuring viewing sessions to use cached content. To learn more about relying on PrizmDoc Server’s caching and to configure its use, see our topic on Optimizing Cache Performance.

Some of the RESTful API’s also require special consideration when used with Multi-Server Mode. In Multi-Server, each server handles a request from start to finish. For that reason, some requests (for example Work File, Markup Burner, and Content Conversion requests) will require an Affinity Token. For more information on Affinity Tokens, and the steps required to use those APIs in Multi-Server Mode, please see our Affinity Tokens & Multi-Server Mode topic.



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