Linux Installation

To install the PrizmDoc Viewing Client using a self-hosted PrizmDoc Server, follow the steps provided in this section:

Some steps are specific to a particular Linux distribution; these steps will be labeled as being specific to one of the following:

Make sure you log in as root to the machine.


Step 1 - Download the PrizmDoc Client Linux Distribution

Packages are only available for 64-bit systems.

Before downloading PrizmDoc, you will need to purchase a license key or request a Trial Evaluation by filling out the appropriate form at

Once you have filled out the form for a Trial Evaluation, you can download PrizmDoc by doing one of the following:

You must substitute the version of the package you are using in the code examples below. For example, if you are using v11.0, then specify "11.0" instead of "<version>". If the version is a hot fix, you will need to also specify the hot fix number, for example, "11.0.1".

Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, and Older Linux Distributions   

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Debian and Ubuntu Linux Distributions

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Generic .tar.gz Distribution

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Step 2 - Unpack & Install the Downloaded Archive

Open a command line and change to the location where you downloaded the tarball. Use the following command line examples appropriate for your distribution to:

  1. Decompress and unpack the downloaded file. After you have unpacked the archive, the contents will have been decompressed into a directory named prizmdoc_client_<version>.<arch>[.rpm|.deb].  
  2. Change to the unpacked directory and install the packages.

Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, and Older Linux Distributions

The following example is for Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, and older Linux distributions:

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tar -xzvf prizmdoc_client_*.rpm.tar.gz
cd prizmdoc_client_*.rpm
yum install --nogpgcheck *.rpm

Debian (Ubuntu) Linux Distributions

The following example is for Debian (Ubuntu) Linux distributions:

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tar -xzvf prizmdoc_client_*.deb.tar.gz
cd prizmdoc_client_*.deb
sudo dpkg --force-depends -i *.deb
# 'dpkg' does not resolve dependencies automatically, so please ignore possible errors, if you did not install required dependencies yet, and invoke next command
sudo apt-get -f install

Generic .tar.gz Distribution

We also provide a generic .tar.gz package. Please review the System Requirements and Supported Environments topic to ensure compatibility. You will also need to install the dependencies described in the Requirements section. Once the dependencies are installed, you can install the .tar.gz with the following commands as root:

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tar -xzvf prizmdoc_client_*.tar.gz
cd prizmdoc_client_*
ls prizm-*.tar.gz | xargs -n1 tar zxf
cp -R prizm /usr/share/


Working with Sample Code

Sample code is included to demonstrate how PrizmDoc can be integrated into your Content Management solution. Sample applications using different languages are packaged with the product to demonstrate using a particular language. All of the product samples are located in the Samples folder within the installation directory. For more information, refer to the Code Samples topic.



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