PrizmDoc Application Services Database Administration & Maintenance

A database must be provided to PAS in order to use the Pre-Conversion Services feature. You can see a list of supported databases in the PAS Configuration topic. After configuring the PAS with the correct information, some databases, like Microsoft SQL Server, will require that a script is run in order to set up the correct tables for that database. You can find out more information about this in the topic for setting up your database. Please note that PAS itself will only require read/write access to the database; running the mentioned scripts will require access to create and migrate tables.

Maintaining the Database

While directly reading, linking, or otherwise using the data stored in the database by PAS is discouraged, you will still need to do regular administrative tasks, such as taking proper snapshots and backups of the data in order to prevent and mitigate data loss.

In the event of data loss that requires recovery from a backup (both for the database or the local file storage) PAS has an API to validate viewing packages and their state. You can find out more about this API in the Viewing Package Validators developer reference.

Product and Database Updates

As the Pre-Conversion feature is updated in future releases, the product will contain the necessary logic or scripts to transition existing tables and data to the new format, if a schema change is necessary. You will be able to find out more about this in the PrizmDoc Release Notes in the event that a database migration is required in the future.



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