Configuring Server Connections

Configure the Connection Between Your Viewing Client Web Tier and PrizmDoc Application Services

Each sample contains a configuration file where you can configure the connection between your Viewing Client web tier and PrizmDoc Application Services.  See the Configuration section at the bottom of the following pages for more information on configuring PrizmApplicationServicesScheme, PrizmApplicationServicesHost, and PrizmApplicationServicesPort.

Configure the Connection Between PrizmDoc Application Services and PrizmDoc Server

Follow the steps below to configure the connection between PrizmDoc Application Services and PrizmDoc Server.

  1. On the machine where you installed PrizmDoc Application Services, locate the PrizmDoc Application Services configuration file. Assuming the standard install location, this is /usr/share/prizm/pas/pcc.nix.yml.
  2. Edit the file and specify values for pccServer.hostName, pccServer.port, and pccServer.scheme.
    • pccServer.hostName should specify the machine where you installed PrizmDoc Server.
    • pccServer.port should specify the port that PrizmDoc Server is using, which is 18681 by default for single-server mode and 18682 by default for multi-server mode.
  3. Restart PrizmDoc Application Services for the changes to take effect. See Starting & Stopping Application Services for instructions.
  4. See the Checking the Connection to Your Self-Hosted Server page for instructions on verifying that your installation of PrizmDoc Application Services is able to contact the back-end services.



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