Code Samples

Sample code is included to demonstrate how PrizmDoc can be integrated into your Content Management solution. Sample applications using different languages are packaged with the product to demonstrate using a particular language. All of the product samples are located in the "Samples" folder within the installation directory.

The samples have changed location with v10. This could cause your previous samples folder to remain behind, as they are not un-installed when PrizmDoc is upgraded. The new samples are located under 'Prizm\Samples' – please be sure to refer to these samples, as there are significant changes.

Current Product Samples

These samples are installed by default:



These samples are designed to demonstrate the use of the new Viewing Client working directly with PrizmDoc Server. The Admin sample illustrates the PrizmDoc Server monitoring endpoint.

Note:  The Windows installer will configure the .NET version of these samples within IIS and place a shortcut to the sample on your system's Start menu.

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