Unattended Install & Uninstall

Unattended Install

The PrizmDoc Client Windows installer can be installed unattended, however certain properties must be set:

Property Description Default
ServiceUser Required - The service account user name. This defines what user the PrizmDoc Server should run as. It should be in the format DOMAIN\USER. None
ServicePassword Required - The password for the ServiceUser. None
InstallFolder Optional - The base installation directory for the product. "C:\Prizm"

Optional - The Viewing Client features to install. This can be empty or a comma separated list of values that can contain any of the following:

  • "HTML5Viewer"
  • "LocalFileViewerFeature"
"HTML5Viewer, LocalFileViewerFeature"
IISConfigureSamples Optional - Whether to configure the samples with IIS or not. Set to "1" for yes and set to an empty string for no.  "1"
IISReregister Optional - Whether to re-register ASP.NET v4 with IIS or not. Set to "1" for yes and set to an empty string for no. "1"
SelectedPASFeatures Optional - This can be set to "ALL" to include the PrizmDoc Application Services (PAS) features or set to an empty string to not include them. "ALL"

Optional - The API key required to use the Accusoft-Hosted PrizmDoc servers.

Note: You will not be able to make requests against the Accusoft-Hosted servers without a valid API key.


To start the unattended install:

  1. The PrizmDocClient.exe can be used to launch the installer and specify the above parameters in silent mode. Open a command line prompt as an Administrator, change to the folder where the .exe is located, and run the following (note that the values shown below for ServiceUser, ServicePassword, and ApiKey are examples, and you will need to change them to specify your ServiceUser, ServicePassword, and ApiKey):
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    > PrizmDocClient.exe\PrizmUser ServicePassword=pdpassword ApiKey=AccusoftHostedKey -s -l output.log

The -s flag is required to trigger silent mode and prevent the UI from opening. Leaving this out will open the UI.

The -l output.log flag is optional. If specified, it will output a log of the entire install process to a file using the specified name for the filename. For a complete install, this will output 4 files. If the install fails, include these files in bug reports.

  1. You may wish to run this with the start command to wait for completion, otherwise the install will start in the background and on a console or script, it will return immediately.
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    > start /wait PrizmDocClient.exe\PrizmUser ServicePassword=pdpassword -s -l output.log
  2. PrizmDoc should now be installed, licensed and started.

Unattended Uninstall

You can use the -u flag as shown below to silently uninstall PrizmDoc on Windows:

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> PrizmDocClient.exe -s -u -l output.log



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