Windows Installation

To install the PrizmDoc Viewing Client using a Accusoft-hosted PrizmDoc Server, follow these steps:

  1. Start the installer from any location on your system. Click Install PrizmDoc Client to continue:

  1. Carefully read the information contained in the License Agreement form before making a decision to accept the terms of the agreement. Choose I accept the terms in the License Agreement to accept the conditions outlined in the License Agreement and then click Next to continue the installation (or click Cancel to exit the installation process):

  1. You have two PrizmDoc Server hosting options when installing the PrizmDoc Viewing Client; they are Accusoft-Hosted and Self-Hosted. For this tutorial, we are installing using an Accusoft-Hosted cloud server. This option is highly recommended for evaluators of PrizmDoc as it does not require running the PrizmDoc Server software on your server. The Accusoft-Hosted option is selected by default. Click Next to continue the installation:

  1. The Select Features dialog is displayed:


The Select Features dialog allows you to define what components of PrizmDoc you want to install:

Additional Options:

These options are only available if both IIS and ASP.NET 4.0+ are present.

Once you have made your selections, click Next to continue.

  1. If you are installing the Application Services, you will need to enter your PrizmDoc API key to connect to the Accusoft-hosted PrizmDoc Server. This key will have been emailed to you as part of the registration process for downloading the installer. For more information on your PrizmDoc API key, refer to the topic, How to Get an Evaluation License.
You will need an active internet connection on the machine you are installing the PrizmDoc Viewing Client in order to validate your API key.

You will not see this screen if you are not installing the Application Services at this time. Additional installation and configuration may be required:

  • You may need to configure one of the Viewing Client samples to use an existing installation of the Application Services.
  • You may need to install and configure the Application Services with your API key to connect to the Accusoft-hosted PrizmDoc Server. See the Application Services Configuration topic for more information.

Enter your API key into the text field provided. Click Next to verify your API key and continue the installation:

  1. The Installation Path dialog is displayed. Specify the destination directory where the PrizmDoc Viewing Client should be installed, or choose the default installation destination directory, then click Next:


  1. The next step in the installation process allows you to define the account that will be used to run the PrizmDoc Application Services that is installed on the system. The Account Information dialog will default to the user running the installation, but you can enter a user name or use the Browse button to select a user from the local system or domain. Once a user has been selected, enter the password for the user account into the dialog.
During installation, when specifying a login account for PrizmDoc Application Services, you MUST choose a user which has administrative privileges. Otherwise, the installation will fail.


  1. Once you have entered in all of the appropriate information, click Install to continue. (If the password is not correct an error dialog will be displayed noting that the password is not correct.) The Installation dialog is displayed with a progress bar:

The Installer will unpack the product, and lay out and configure the product as defined in the configuration dialogs. While PrizmDoc is installing, you can look at the Release Notes, Online Demos, or Code Examples from the links provided. 

  1. Once the installation is complete, the Installation Complete dialog is displayed:

There are links to the Documentation, product Release Notes, as well as a How to Migrate topic if you wish to view them directly after the installation. There will also be an option to launch the locally installed demo in your default browser.

The option to launch the local demo is only available if all of the following occurred:

  1. Click Finish to exit the Installer.



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