Controls the recognition process.


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var recognizeParams = {
  param: 'value',


Property  Default Value Description Required?
input null A path to the input image file to perform recognition. Yes
output  null  If present, a path to the destination file that will hold the recognized results. No
language  'english' The language with which to recognize. See Supported Languages for the full list of supported languages. No
orientation  'detect' The method of orienting / reorienting the page upon recognition.
Can take one of the following values:
'detect' Automatically detects the orientation of the page, but does not change the rotation of the page.
'reorient' Automatically detects the orientation of the page and rotates the page to face the upright direction.
'upright' Does not attempt to detect or correct the orientation of the page.
defaultDpi  [300, 300] If the input file image does not contain resolution DPI information, these values will be used in place. The values are the horizontal DPI and the vertical DPI of the input image, respectively. No
format  'pdf' The output file format for the recognized results. It may take a value of either 'pdf' or 'text'. No
mode  'overwrite' The method to write to the output file. It may take a value of either 'append' or 'overwrite'. No
document  null  If present, the recognize() call will append an additional page to the document memory object. No




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