Supported Languages

OCR Xpress for Node.js can handle a wide range of languages, including most Western European languages. By default, OCR Xpress for Node.js will use the English language, which is included with the default installation.

To recognize text in a different language see Recognize Text in Different Languages .

Supported Languages

Language Package Name
All ocr-lang-all
Arabic ocr-lang-ara
Bulgarian ocr-lang-bul
Catalan ocr-lang-cat
Chinese Simplified ocr-lang-chi_sim
Chinese Traditional ocr-lang-chi_tra
Croatian ocr-lang-hrv
Czech ocr-lang-ces
Danish ocr-lang-dan
Dutch ocr-lang-nld
English ocr-lang-eng
German (standard and Fraktur script) ocr-lang-deu
Greek ocr-lang-ell
Finnish ocr-lang-fin
French ocr-lang-fra
Hebrew ocr-lang-heb
Hindi ocr-lang-hin
Hungarian ocr-lang-hun
Indonesian ocr-lang-ind
Italian ocr-lang-ita
Japanese ocr-lang-jpn
Korean ocr-lang-kor
Latvian ocr-lang-lav
Lithuanian ocr-lang-lit
Norwegian ocr-lang-nor
Polish ocr-lang-pol
Portuguese ocr-lang-por
Romanian ocr-lang-ron
Russian ocr-lang-rus
Serbian ocr-lang-srp
Slovak (standard and Fraktur script) ocr-lang-slk
Slovenian ocr-lang-slv
Spanish ocr-lang-spa
Swedish ocr-lang-swe
Tagalog ocr-lang-tgl
Thai ocr-lang-tha
Turkish ocr-lang-tur
Ukrainian ocr-lang-ukr
Vietnamese ocr-lang-vie




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