ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
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Registration is the process of creating a paid Toolkit License key for a particular system. Registration for Toolkit Licenses is always done through the License Manager. This removes the evaluation timeout limitation, so the toolkit will not stop functioning at the end of the evaluation period. Registration for each license is only required to be performed once per development system. After a license has been registered on a system, you can use the license without further interaction with the License Manager.

In order for ImageGear to work, there must be a license file installed. The license key is kept in the file with the name accusoft.<solution name\>.<version specification\>.license. For Linux 64-bit platforms, ImageGear installation uses the predefined solution name "Accusoft" and version specification "1-106-XX", where "XX" is the major version number.

See one of the following sections for further instructions:

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