ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
HEVC Compression
[No Target Defined] > File Formats and Compressions > Compressions > HEVC Compression
Full Name High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compression
ImageGear Component HEIF
Bit Depth 8 bpc
File Formats HEIC/HEIF

To support HEVC decompression, attach the ImageGear HEIF Component to ImageGear Core. See the "Attaching Components" page under the "How to Work with ..." section.


Developed by the MPEG group as the successor to the popular AVC compression, HEVC allows for more data compression without sacrificing fidelity. HEVC is considered the default codec for HEIF image containers. HEVC-coded HEIF files are also known as HEIC files, which are commonly produced by Apple devices.

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