ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
Function Error Return Codes
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This Appendix delineates ImageGear error code names, numbers, and descriptions. All error and warning codes are listed in descending numerical order and divided into the groups specific to ImageGear functionality.

General Error Codes

IGE_SUCCESS 0 No errors - Success.
IGE_FAILURE -1 General error - Failure.
IGE_NOT_LICENSED -2 License error.
IGE_NOT_DONE_YET -100 For internal reference of areas to which to return.
IGE_NOT_IMPLEMENTED -200 For internal reference of areas to which to return.
IGE_NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_PLATFORM -350 The last function used is not supported by this platform.
IGE_ERROR_COMPRESSION -400 Compression error.
IGE_PARAMETER_HAS_INVALID_VALUE -401 Incoming parameter is invalid.
IGE_INVALID_TYPE -402 Incoming parameter's type is invalid.
IGE_OLD_CORE_CALL -403 Internal failure. Contact Accusoft Technical Support.
IGE_BUFFER_HAS_INSUFFICIENT_SIZE -404 Incoming buffer has insufficient size.
IGE_EXTENSION_NOT_LOADED -500 The ImageGear extension was not present or couldn't be loaded.
IGE_FILTER_NOT_LOADED -510 Requested format filter is not present.
IGE_INVALID_FILTER_OPERATION -511 Requested operation is not supported by format filter.
IGE_FILTER_CTRL_INVALID_NAME -512 The name of control parameter is invalid or not supported.
IGE_INVALID_FUNCTION_NAME -550 The name of the component's function is invalid.
IGE_INVALID_FUNCTION_POINTER -551 Invalid pointer to the component's function.
IGE_INVALID_COMPONENT_MODULE -552 The module is not component or has wrong interface.
IGE_COMPONENT_ATTACH_FAILURE -553 Failure to attach component.
IGE_INVALID_CONTROL_OPTION -600 Invalid image control option ID.
IGE_INVALID_EXTENSION_MODULE -700 The specified ImageGear extension file was not a valid extension file.
IGE_EXTENSION_INITIALIZATION_FAILED -800 The specified ImageGear extension was unable to initialize.
IGE_FUNCTIONALITY_NOT_SUPPORTED -900 The ImageGear functionality is not supported under this platform.
IGE_OUT_OF_MEMORY -1000 No more global memory is available for allocation, reduced used resources.
IGE_EVAL_DLL_TIMEOUT_HAS_EXPIRED -1003 The DLL is an Evaluation copy and as timed out - contact Accusoft to purchase a release copy.
IGE_INVALID_STANDARD_KERNEL -1004 The kernel expected one of the predefined ones; yours could not be found.
IGE_INTERNAL_ERROR -1005 An internal error has occurred, contact Accusoft technical support.
IGE_INVALID_RECTANGLE -1007 Occurs when a rectangle's left >= right or top >= bottom.
IGE_NO_CLIPBOARD_IMAGE_AVAILABLE -1008 No image is available for a clipboard paste.
IGE_CLIPBOARD_OPEN_FAILED -1009 Could not open the clipboard.
IGE_SETCLIPBOARDDATA_FAILED -1010 Could not put data into the clipboard.
IGE_COULD_NOT_GET_DDB_DIMENSIONS -1011 GetObject() failed. Couldn't get the DDB's dimensions.
IGE_COULD_NOT_GET_DDB_BITS -1012 GetDIBits() failed. Couldn't get the DDB's image data.
IGE_CREATE_BITMAP_FAILED -1013 CreateBitmap() failed. Couldn't create a DDB.
IGE_COULD_DISPLAY_DDB -1014 BitBlt() failed. Couldn't display the DDB.
IGE_INVALID_PATTERN_BITMAP -1015 The DDB was > 1 bit per pixel or the width was > 8 or the height was > 8.
IGE_PASSWORD_INVALID -1016 The Password is not recognized.
IGE_THUMBNAIL_NOT_PRESENT -2000 Thumbnails are supported but none can be found in this image file.
IGE_THUMBNAIL_READ_ERROR -2001 A read error occurred while reading a thumbnail.
IGE_THUMBNAIL_NOT_SUPPORTED -2002 Thumbnails are not supported by this format.
IGE_PAGE_NOT_PRESENT -2005 The requested image page does not exist in the file.
IGE_PAGE_INVALID -2006 The page number provided is outside of the range of valid pages for this file.
IGE_PAGE_COULD_NOT_BE_READ -2007 The page number could not be determined.
IGE_CANT_DETECT_FORMAT -2010 The format of the file can not be determined.
IGE_FILE_CANT_BE_OPENED -2030 An attempt to open a file failed; it may not exist in the provided path.
IGE_FILE_CANT_BE_CREATED -2031 An attempt to create a file failed; it may already exist in the provided path.
IGE_FILE_CANT_BE_CLOSED -2032 An attempt to close a file failed.
IGE_FILE_TO_SMALL_TO_BE_BMFH -2033 The file is too small to be a valid BMFH.
IGE_FILE_IS_NOT_BMP -2034 The BMFH Magic number is invalid.
IGE_FILE_TO_SMALL_TO_BE_BMIH -2035 The file is too small to be a valid BMIH.
IGE_BMP_IS_COMPRESSED -2040 The BMP file is in compressed (RLE) format.
IGE_FILE_SIZE_WRITE_ERROR -2041 Could not write file size field to BMP.
IGE_CANT_READ_PALETTE -2050 Can't read palette.
IGE_CANT_READ_PIXELS -2051 Can't read pixel data.
IGE_CANT_READ_HEADER -2052 Can't read header.
IGE_INVALID_FILE_TYPE -2060 Invalid file type.
IGE_INVALID_HEADER -2061 Invalid file header.
IGE_CANT_WRITE_PALETTE -2070 Can't write palette.
IGE_CANT_WRITE_PIXELS -2071 Can't write pixel data.
IGE_CANT_WRITE_HEADER -2072 Can't write header.
IGE_FORMAT_NOT_DETECTABLE -2073 Save format cannot be detected from file extension used.
IGE_INVALID_COMPRESSION -2080 Invalid compression.
IGE_INSTANCE_FAILURE -2090 Instance failure.
IGE_INSTANCE_CLEANUP_ERROR -2091 Instance cleanup error.
IGE_CANT_SETUP_DIB_HEADER -2095 Can't set up DIB header.
IGE_CANT_READ_FILE -2100 Can't read file.
IGE_INVALID_IMAGE_FORMAT -2110 The image file is invalid as the expected format.
IGE_FILE_FORMAT_IS_READONLY -2111 The image file is read only and cannot be written to.
IGE_INVALID_BITCOUNT_FOR_FORMAT -2112 The bitcount found is not supported by this format.
IGE_INTERRUPTED_BY_USER -2113 Status bar callback returned FALSE.
IGE_NO_BITMAP_REGION -2390 No bitmap region.
IGE_BAD_FILE_FORMAT -2391 Format is not correct.
IGE_EPS_NO_PREVIEW -2392 EPS file has no screen preview image to load.
IGE_CANT_WRITE_FILE -2393 File can't be saved in the specified format.
IGE_NO_BITMAP_FOUND -2394 WPG, WMF, etc. No raster image exists in file.
IGE_PALETTE_FILE_WRITE_ERROR -2396 Error writing to a palette file.
IGE_PALETTE_FILE_READ_ERROR -2397 Error reading from a palette file.
IGE_PALETTE_FILE_NOT_DETECTED -2398 The file is not a valid palette file.
IGE_PALETTE_FILE_INVALID_HALO_PAL -2399 Detected Dr. Halo Palette file is invalid.
IGE_G4_PREMATURE_EOF_AT_SCAN_LINE -2400 Group 4 premature EOF.
IGE_G4_PREMATURE_EOL_AT_SCAN_LINE -2401 Group 4 premature EOL.
IGE_G4_BAD_2D_CODE_AT_SCAN_LINE -2402 Group 4 invalid 2D code.
IGE_G4_BAD_DECODING_STATE_AT_SCAN_LINE -2403 Group 4 bad decoding state.
IGE_G3_PREMATURE_EOF_AT_SCAN_LINE -2410 Group 3 premature EOF.
IGE_G3_BAD_1D_CODE_AT_SCAN_LINE -2411 Group 3 bad 1D code.
IGE_G3_PREMATURE_EOL_AT_SCAN_LINE -2412 Group 3 premature EOL.
IGE_BITDEPTH_NOTSUPPORTED -2413 This Bit-Depth is not supported for this write format.
IGE_DIRECTORY_CREATE_ERROR -2414 Unable to create Destination Directory.
IGE_LOG_FILE_CREATE_ERROR -2417 Unable to create Batch Log File.
IGE_NAME_CONV_NOT_SUPPORTED -2416 Batch Naming configuration not supported.
IGE_IMNET_INVALID_WIDTH -2418 Invalid width for IMNET.
IGE_PJPEG_INVALID_SCAN_CONFIGURATION -2420 Invalid configuration of scans for progressive JPEG write.
IGE_PJPEG_INVALID_SCAN_COUNT -2421 Invalid number of scans for progressive JPEG write.
IGE_JPG_UNRECOGNIZED -2422 Unrecognized JPEG marker encountered.
IGE_JPG_INVALID_QTABLE_ID -2423 Invalid quantization table descriptor.
IGE_JPG_INVALID_QTABLE_PRECISION -2424 Invalid quantization table precision.
IGE_JPG_INVALID_HUFFMAN_ID -2425 Invalid Huffman table descriptor.
IGE_JPG_INVALID_HUFFMAN_TABLE -2426 Invalid Huffman table.
IGE_PJPEG_NOT_SUPPORTED -2427 Progressive JPEG feature is not supported.
IGE_OPERATION_IS_NOT_ALLOWED -2432 This operation is not allowed.
IGE_PROC_INVAL_FOR_RUNS_DIB -2433 This function can not be used on DIBs in the Runs format - convert first IG_IP_convert_runs_to_DIB.
IGE_CAN_NOT_OPEN_TEMP_FILE -2434 The temporary file need for this function could not be opened/created.
IGE_ALLOC_SELECTOR_FAILED -2435 AllocSelector() failed, couldn't get an entry into the Global Descriptor able.
IGE_LOAD_FUNCTION_GET_FAILED -2436 Was not able to initialize the filer load function.
IGE_PNG_CHUNK_WRITE_FAILED -2438 Failed to write the correct number of bytes for png chunk.
IGE_PNG_WRITE_FAILED -2439 Failed to write png data.
IGE_PNG_CHUNK_READ_FAILED -2440 Failed to READ the correct number of bytes for png chunk.
IGE_PNG_READ_FAILED -2441 Failed to READ png data.
IGE_PNG_NO_IDAT_CHUNK -2442 Failed to READ a mandatory IDAT Chunk.
IGE_NOT_SUPPORTED_COMP -2443 Compression is not supported at this time.
IGE_UNDEFNIED_COLOR_SPACE_ID -2444 Color space ID is not defined.
IGE_DIB_RES_UNITS_NOT_SUPPORTED -2445 DIB resolution units are not supported.
IGE_FILTER_CANT_GET_INFOFUNC -2446 Failed to get filter's info function.
IGE_FILTER_UNKNOWN_FORMAT -2447 Unknown file format.
IGE_X_NULL_DISPLAY -2448 X display specified is NULL. ASCII filter is unable to draw text.

TIFF Filter Specific Errors

IGE_INVALID_TAG -2450 Tag Read did not contain correct number of bytes.
IGE_INVALID_IFD -2451 IFD Read did not contain correct number of bytes.
IGE_IFD_PROC_FAILURE -2452 Invalid IFD information was detected.
IGE_SEEK_FAILURE -2453 IOS position seek failed.
IGE_INVALID_BYTE_ORDER -2454 Byte order flag was not Intel or Motorola.
IGE_CANT_READ_TAG_DATA -2455 Was unable to read all TAG information.
IGE_INVALID_BITS_PER_SAMPLE -2456 Bits per sample tag was invalid.
IGE_INVALID_COLOR_MAP -2457 Color Map was found to be invalid.
IGE_INVALID_PHOTOMETRIC -2458 Photometric tag value was found to be invalid.
IGE_INVALID_REQ_INFO -2459 Required information was not supplied.
IGE_COMP_NOT_SUPPORTED -2460 Compression is not supported at this time.
IGE_RASTER_FEED_ERROR -2461 Error feeding raster data to the DIB.
IGE_IMAGE_DATA_READ_ERROR -2462 Was unable to read all image data requested.
IGE_HEADER_WRITE_FAILED -2463 Header write failed.
IGE_DIB_GET_FAILURE -2464 Was unable to retrieve the DIB information.
IGE_CANT_REALLOC_MEM -2465 Was not able to reallocate memory.
IGE_IFD_WRITE_ERROR -2466 Was not able to write IFD info to the IOS.
IGE_TAG_WRITE_ERROR -2467 Was not able to write TAG info to the IOS.
IGE_IMAGE_DATA_WRITE_ERROR -2468 Was not able to write IMAGE data to the IOS.
IGE_PLANAR_CONFIG_ERROR -2469 Planar Config detected is unsupported.
IGE_RASTER_TO_LONG -2470 One raster lines exceeds the max number of bytes.
IGE_LZW_ERROR -2471 Error occurred in LZW decode.
IGE_INVALID_IMG_DEM -2472 Image Dimension was invalid.
IGE_BAD_DATA_TYPE -2473 Data type detected is not valid.
IGE_PAGE_COUNT_FAILURE -2474 Count not count the number of pages in the file.
IGE_CORRUPTED_FILE -2475 Data in file was not what was expected and could not be interpreted.
IGE_INVALID_STRIP_BYTE_CNT -2476 Strip byte count was zero and could not be estimated.
IGE_INVALID_COMP_BIT_DEPTH -2477 Bit depth is invalid for this compression scheme.
IGE_REPAGE_FAILED -2478 Unable to write new page numbers while re-paging file.
IGE_PRIV_TAG_TYPE_INVALID -2479 Private user tag had an invalid type.
IGE_LZW_EXTENSION_NOT_LOADED -2480 LZW Extension has not been loaded.
IGE_TILE_NOT_PRESENT -2481 Tile is not present.
IGE_RASTER_WRITE_FAILURE -2482 Unable to write Raster to Output Device (Full Device).
IGE_IMBEDDED_IMAGE_FAILURE -2483 Failure occurred while reading a file format imbedded in another.
IGE_ABIC_EXTENSION_NOT_LOADED -2484 ABIC Extension has not been loaded.
IGE_JBIG_EXTENSION_NOT_LOADED -2485 JBIG Extension has not been loaded.
IGE_JBG_IMG_CNTRL_NOT_FOUND -2486 JBIG Extension Image Control not found for save.
IGE_CLP_INVALID_FORMAT_ID -2500 Windows clipboard file contains an unsupported Format ID at this page.
IGE_ICA_COMP_NOT_SUPPORTED -2510 MO:DCAIOCA Compression is not supported at this time.
IGE_TIF_INVALID_CLASS_F_IMAGE -2530 Error writing TIF class F format.
IGE_JBIG_STREAM_OPEN_FAILURE -2540 JBIG support library returned an error in return code.
IGE_CANNT_OPEN_FTP_FILE -2550 Can't open FTP file.
IGE_CANNT_OPEN_HTTP_FILE -2560 Can't open HTTP file.
IGE_CANNT_OPEN_GOPHER_FILE -2570 Can't open Gopher file.
IGE_CANNT_OPEN_TEMPORARY_FILE -2580 Can't open temporary file.
IGE_CANNT_OPEN_INTERNET_CONNECTION -2590 Can't open internet connection.
IGE_CANNT_OPEN_INTERNET_SESSION -2600 Can't open internet session.
IGE_END_OF_IMAGE -2610 End of image.

Format Filter Warning Codes

IGW_FILTER_DECODING_FAILURE -2650 Failed to decode rasters.
IGW_INVALID_COMPRESSION_NONCRITICAL -2651 Invalid compression of non-critical data, e.g. text.

Sync Error Codes

IGE_IMAGE_IS_LOCKED -2900 Image is locked.
IGE_CANT_LOCK_IMAGE -2901 Can't lock image.
IGE_CANT_UNLOCK_IMAGE -2902 Can't unlock image.
IGE_CANT_LOCK_DATA -2903 Can't lock data.
IGE_CANT_UNLOCK_DATA -2904 Can't unlock data.

Image Processing Error Codes

IGE_WRONG_DIB_BIT_COUNT -3000 The DIB has bit with the wrong bit count for this routine.
IGE_LOCK_FAILED -3010 Memory required for this routine could not be locked; most likely running out of memory resources.
IGE_ALLOC_FAILED -3020 Memory required for this routine could not be allocated; free up some resources and try again.
IGE_FREE_FAILED -3030 An internal memory free has failed, usually a bad handle, or corrupted system.
IGE_BAD_KERN_TYPE -3040 Bad kernel type.
IGE_AI_HANDLES_USED_UP -3050 The maximum number of Accusoft handles has been used - no more left. Free up some and try again.
IGE_AI_HANDLE_INVALID -3060 This routine requires an Accusoft handle. The handle passed in was not allocated by Accusoft.
IGE_DIBS_ARE_INCOMPATIBLE -3070 The images are not compatible for this function, either dimension, bit count, or both.
IGE_INVALID_SIGMA -3080 Invalid sigma.
IGE_DIB_DIMENSIONS_NOT_EQUAL -3090 The images must be the same dimensions.
IGE_DIB_BIT_COUNTS_NOT_EQUAL -3100 The images must have the same bit count.
IGE_DIB_HAS_NO_PALETTE -3101 The image passed in does not have a palette and this routine requires one.
IGE_ROI_WRONG_TYPE -3110 Region of interest is wrong type.
IGE_REQUIRES_CONVEX_ROI -3120 This function requires a convex ROI. The one passed in must be convex.
IGE_INVALID_RAMP_DIRECTION -3130 The contrast ramps direction is not supported.
IGE_INVALID_LUT_ARITH_FUNC -3140 The LUT_ARITH_FUNC is not a valid function number; check the constant.
IGE_INVALID_KERN_MOTION_EXTENT -3150 Invalid kernel motion extent.
IGE_INVALID_NOISE_TYPE -3160 Invalid noise type.
IGE_INVALID_KERN_NORMALIZER -3170 Invalid kernel normalizer.
IGE_INVALID_SIGMA -3180 Invalid sigma.
IGE_INVALID_SKEW_POINTS -3190 A valid line could not be drawn through the two point provided. Y1==Y2.
IGE_TILE_IS_LARGER_THAN_IMAGE -3200 The tile image must be the same size or smaller in both dimensions than the original source.
IGE_COLOR_SPACE_INVALID -3210 Invalid type of color space.
IGE_DIB_POINTER_IS_NULL -3220 The DIB pointer about to be used is NULL (invalid).
IGE_PROC_INVAL_FOR_BIT_COUNT -3300 This function can not be used on images with this one's bit count.
IGE_PROC_INVAL_FOR_PALETTE_IMG -3310 This function can not be used on 8-bit color images - try to promote to 24-bit.
IGE_PARAMETER_OUT_OF_LIMITS -3320 A parameter is out of its legal range.
IGE_INVALID_POINTER -3330 A pointer was detected to be NULL.
IGE_INVALID_ENCRYPT_MODE -3340 The selected Encryption Method is invalid.
IGE_PASSWORD_LENGTH_INVALID -3350 Password must be at least 1-byte long (should be at least 5 bytes).
IGE_PROC_REQUIRE_8BIT_GRAYSCALE -3360 This function can be used on 8-bit grayscale images only.
IGE_PROC_REQUIRE_8BIT_GRAYSCALE_1CHANNEL -3361 This function can only be used on 8-bit grayscale images with one channel.
IGE_PROC_REQUIRE_8_16_32BIT_GRAYSCALE_1CHANNEL -3362 This function can only be used on 8, 16, or 32-bit grayscale images with one channel.
IGE_INVALID_RESOLUTION_UNIT -3370 The units of the image resolution are not supported.
IGE_POINTER_IS_NULL -3380 Pointer passed to an IP function is NULL, but it would point at object.
IGE_INVALID_BIT_MASK -3390 The red, green and blue components of the bit mask overlap.
IGE_DIB_DIMENSIONS_ARE_INVALID -3400 Either height or width of the DIB is wrong.
IGE_PROC_INVAL_FOR_8BIT_INDEXED -3410 Proc does not work on the 8i images.
IGE_RASTER_LINE_INVALID -3420 The given raster line is invalid, it should be between 0 and the height of the image -1.
IGE_INVALID_CLIPING_RECT -3421 Invalid clipping rect.
IGE_INVALID_ALPHA_CHANNEL -3422 It is possible that width or height not equal to original image.
IGE_INVALID_RESOLUTION_VALUE -3423 Resolution value is incorrect.
IGE_INVALID_RANK_TYPE -3424 Specified type of rank in the rank filter is invalid.
IGE_RASTER_DIB_REQUIRED -3425 Raster IG page required for this operation.

Disk File Access Error Codes

IGE_FILE_CANT_OPEN -3440 Cannot open file.
IGE_FILE_CANT_SAVE -3441 Cannot save file.
IGE_FILE_CANT_DELETE -3442 Cannot delete file.
IGE_FILE_INVALID_FILENAME -3443 Invalid file name.
IGE_FILE_INVALID_PATH -3450 Invalid path.

Batch Conversion CB Error Codes

IGE_BATCH_WRONG_CB_TYPE -3500 Wrong CB type passed to IG_batch_CB_register.

Auto Detect Error Codes

IGE_FILE_IS_SYSTEM_FILE -3600 The image file passed in is really one of the following system files and not an image.
IGE_FILE_IS_EXE -3601 File is a EXE, DLL, DRV, FNT, OCX, or 386.
IGE_FILE_IS_ZIP -3602 File is a PKZIP file.
IGE_FILE_IS_DOC -3603 File is a Microsoft DOC file.
IGE_FILE_IS_HLP -3604 File is a Microsoft system Help file.
IGE_FILE_IS_UNSUPPORTED_FILE -3605 File format is not supported.
IGE_CANT_ATTACH_COMP -3700 The specified component can't be attached.
IGE_COMPONENT_NOT_ATTACHED -3701 The component isn't attached.
IGE_FUNCTION_DOESNT_EXIST -3702 The function doesn't exist in the specified component.

General Warning Codes

IGW_GENERAL_WARNING -4750 See detailed description in text field of warning.
IGW_LAST_ITEM_REACHED -4751 Iterator has reached the final item.

Display Error Codes

IGE_CANT_OPEN_PARAMETER_MUTEX -4800 Cannot start critical session.
IGE_CANT_OPEN_FORMAT_STORAGE_MUTEX -4801 Cannot start critical session.
IGE_FAIL_TO_ALLOC_PAMETER_GROUP -4805 Cannot allocate parameter group.
IGE_THREAD_ALREADY_ASSOCIATED -4810 Thread is already associated.
IGE_INVALID_OBJECT -4811 Invalid object.
IGE_GROUP_IS_NOT_EXIST -4817 Group does not exist.
IGE_FAIL_TO_ALLOC_MUTEX -4820 Cannot allocate critical session data.
IGE_INVALID_FORMAT_METHOD_ID -4825 Invalid format method ID.
IGE_INVALID_FORMAT_HEADER -4830 Invalid format header.
IGE_INVALID_FORMAT_BIT_COUNT -4835 Invalid format bit count.
IGE_FORMAT_OPERATION_IS_NOT_SUPPORTED -4840 Format operation is not supported.
IGE_INVALID_DISPLAY_PARAMETER -4850 Invalid display parameter.
IGE_INVALID_DEVICE_CONTEXT -4860 Invalid device context.
IGE_INVALID_IMAGE_HANDLE -4870 Invalid image handle.
IGE_INVALID_PARAMETER -4880 Invalid parameter.
IGE_INVALID_PRM_OPERATION -4890 Invalid operation.
IGE_FAIL_TO_DRAW_IMAGE -4910 Cannot draw image.

AVI Warning Codes

IGW_AVI_PARTIAL_BAD_FRAMES -4900 Partial bad frames warning.

PS Warning Codes

IGW_PS_UNKNOWN_PAGES_NUMBER -4950 Unknown page number warning.

PDF Read Function Error Codes

IGE_PDFREAD_PSERROR -5300 PostScript error.
IGE_PDFREAD_GENERAL -5301 General error.

PS2 TEXT Function Error Codes


Multipage Error Codes

IGE_MP_INVALID_HANDLE -5400 Invalid multi-page image handle.
IGE_MP_IMVALID_PAGE_NUMBER -5401 Invalid page number.
IGE_MP_CANT_OPEN_MUTEX -5402 Synchronization error.
IGE_MP_ASSOCIATE_FAILURE -5403 Multipage image open failure.
IGE_MP_IMAGE_NOT_ASSOCIATED -5404 Multipage image is not opened.

Multipage Warning Codes

IGW_MP_INVALID_PAGE_NUMBER -5420 Invalid page number.

PDF and PostScript Component Error Codes

PostScript General

IGE_PS_FAILURE -5501 General PostScript job error.
IGE_PS_NOT_INITIALIZED -5502 PostScript engine is not initialized.
IGE_PS_EMPTY_JOB -5503 Empty PostScript job.
IGE_PS_POSTSCRIPT_ERROR -5504 The file contains a PostScript error.

PDF General

IGE_PDF_FAILURE -5531 General PDF error.
IGE_PDF_NOT_INITIALIZED -5532 PDF engine is not initialized.
IGE_PDF_CANT_READ_DATA -5533 Cannot read PDF stream.
IGE_PDF_CANT_WRITE_DATA -5534 Cannot write PDF stream.
IGE_PDF_CANT_CONVERT_DATA -5535 Rasterization failed.
IGE_PDF_INVALID_PARAMETER -5536 Invalid parameter.
IGE_PDF_INVALID_COMPRESSION -5537 Invalid compression.
IGE_PDF_INVALID_BITCOUNT -5538 Invalid bit count.
IGE_PDF_CANT_EXTRACT_TEXT -5539 Cannot extract text.
IGE_PDF_CANT_CREATE_OBJECT -5540 Cannot create object.
IGE_PDF_PRINTING_FAILED -5541 Printing failed.

PDF Document

IGE_PDF_DOC_INVALID -5601 Invalid document object.
IGE_PDF_DOC_CANT_CREATE -5602 Cannot create document.
IGE_PDF_DOC_CANT_OPEN -5603 Cannot open document.
IGE_PDF_DOC_CANT_SAVE -5604 Cannot save document.
IGE_PDF_DOC_NOT_AUTHORIZED -5605 This operation is not permitted.
IGE_PDF_DOC_CANT_OPEN_REVISION -5606 ****Unable to retrieve revision for signature.

PDF Page

IGE_PDF_PAGE_INVALID -5701 Invalid page object.
IGE_PDF_PAGE_CANT_CREATE -5702 Cannot create page.
IGE_PDF_PAGE_CANT_OPEN -5703 Cannot open page.
IGE_PDF_PAGE_CANT_SAVE -5704 Cannot save page.
IGE_PDF_PAGE_CANT_INSERT -5705 Cannot insert page.
IGE_PDF_PAGE_CANT_DELETE -5706 Cannot delete page.

PDF Objects

IGE_PDF_OBJECT_INVALID -5801 Invalid PDF object.
IGE_PDF_CONTENT_INVALID -5802 Invalid content object.
IGE_PDF_CONTENT_CANT_SET -5803 Cannot set content.
IGE_PDF_ELEMENT_INVALID -5804 Invalid element.
IGE_PDF_COLORSPACE_INVALID -5805 Invalid color space object.
IGE_PDE_OBJECT_INVALID -5806 Invalid PDE object.
IGE_PDF_STREAM_INVALID -5807 Invalid stream object.

PDF Signatures

IGE_PDF_INVALID_SIGNATURE -5901 Signature has no valid byte range.
IGE_PDF_INVALID_BYTE_RANGE -5902 Invalid ByteRange object type in signature.

GUI Function Error Codes

IGE_REGISTER_CLASS_FAILED -6000 Microsoft Windows function: RegisterClass() failed.
IGE_CREATE_WINDOW_FAILED -6010 Microsoft Windows function: CreateWindow() failed.
IGE_WINDOW_NOT_ASSOCATED -6020 An attempt was made to disassociate a window that was never associated.
IGE_INVALID_WINDOW -6030 An invalid window handle was passed as one of the parameters to the function.
IGE_UNREGISTER_CLASS_FAILED -6040 Microsoft Windows function: UnregisterClass() failed.
IGE_GUI_NO_FORMATS_CTL -6500 The control is not associated with a valid IGFormatsCtl control.
IGE_GUI_NO_DISPLAY_CTL -6501 The control is not associated with a valid IGDisplayCtl control.
IGE_GUI_NO_PROCESSING_CTL -6502 The control is not associated with a valid IGProcessingCtl control.
IGE_GUI_NO_PAGE_DISPLAY -6503 Invalid IGPageDisplay object.
IGE_GUI_NO_PAGE -6504 Invalid IGPage object.
IGE_GUI_PAGE_DISPLAY_CREATE_OBJ_FAILED -6505 The CreatePageDIsplay() call failed.
IGE_GUI_PAGE_DISPLAY_SET_OBJ_FAILED -6506 Could not set the PageDisplay object for this image's PageView Control.
IGE_GUI_LAYOUT_GET_OBJ_FAILED -6507 Could not retrieve the DIsplay Layout object for this image display.
IGE_GUI_LAYOUT_CHANGE_FAILED -6508 Could not modify the properties of the Display Layout object for this image display.
IGE_GUI_DISPLAY_ZOOM_GET_OBJ_FAILED -6509 Could not retrieve the Display Zoom object for this image display.
IGE_GUI_DISPLAY_ZOOM_SET_OBJ_FAILED -6510 Could not set the Display Zoom object for this image display.
IGE_GUI_DISPLAY_ZOOM_CHANGE_FAILED -6511 Could not modify the properties of the Display Zoom object for this image display.
IGE_GUI_PAGE_VIEW_ENABLE_FAILED -6512 Could not enable the PageView Control.
IGE_GUI_PAGE_VIEW_UPDATE_FAILED -6513 Could not update the PageView Control.
IGE_GUI_GET_DLG_CTL_FAILED -6514 Could not retrieve the dialog control object.
IGE_GUI_GET_HWND -6515 Could not retrieve the underlying HWND for this object.
IGE_GUI_UNKNOWN_FILE_FORMAT -6516 Unknown file format.
IGE_GUI_INTERNAL_ERROR -6517 Internal GUI error.
IGE_GUI_SLIDER_SETUP_FAILED -6518 Failed to setup magnifier's on-source sliding area.
IGE_GUI_WINDOWING_FAILED -6519 Failed to attach to the source view control window.
IGE_GUI_SOURCE_VIEW_UNAVAILABLE -6520 SourceView property must be setup before starting mouse tracking.
IGE_GUI_DESTINATION_VIEW_UNAVAILABLE -6521 DestinationView property must be setup in stationary mode before starting mouse tracking.
IGE_GUI_GET_DEVICE_RECT_FAILED -6522 Failed to retrieve device rectangle from SourceView's page display.

VBX and OCX Level Error Codes

IGE_VBX_INVALID_FUNCTION_NUM -7000 Invalid VBX function number.
IGE_ROTATE_ENUMERATED_VALUES_NOT_USED -7010 The enumerated values for rotate were not used.
IGE_GUIWINDOW_TYPE_INVALID -7020 GUIWindow type invalid.

OS2 Error Codes

IGE_UNREGISTERED_HAB -8000 HAB is not registered.

NRA Error Codes

IGE_INVALID_REGION_DATA -9000 Invalid region.
IGE_INVALID_PARAMETER_FOR_PROCESSING_WITH_REGION -9001 Operation cannot be done using region.

ART Component Error Codes

IGE_ART_WANG_INCOMPATIBLE_FILE -9500 Internal format of loaded annotation file is not compatible with Wang.

XMP Metadata Error Codes

IGE_XMP_METADATA_ERROR -9780 An XMP metadata error has occurred.

Last Error and Warning Codes

IGE_LAST_ERROR_NUMBER -9999 Last error code number. Application defined error codes must be negative and less than this number. Note that it may change in a major release, so make sure to use a constant rather than a hard-coded number.
IGW_LAST_WARNING_NUMBER -9999 Last warning code number. Application defined error and warning codes must be negative and less than this number. Note that it may change in a major release, so make sure to use a constant rather than a hard-coded number.
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