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Specifies data types for use with metadata tag callbacks.


IG_TAG_TYPE_NULL No data - end of tags.
IG_TAG_TYPE_BYTE Data is a 8 bit unsigned integer.
IG_TAG_TYPE_ASCII Data is a 8 bit, NULL-terminated string.
IG_TAG_TYPE_SHORT Data is a 16 bit unsigned integer.
IG_TAG_TYPE_LONG Data is a 32 bit unsigned integer.
IG_TAG_TYPE_RATIONAL Data is a pair of 32-bit unsigned integers, representing an unsigned rational number.
IG_TAG_TYPE_SBYTE Data is a 8 bit signed integer.
IG_TAG_TYPE_UNDEFINED Data is a 8 bit byte.
IG_TAG_TYPE_SSHORT Data is a 16-bit signed integer.
IG_TAG_TYPE_SLONG Data is a 32-bit signed integer.
IG_TAG_TYPE_SRATIONAL Data is a pair of 32-bit signed integers, representing a signed rational number.
IG_TAG_TYPE_FLOAT Data is a 4-byte single-precision IEEE floating point number.
IG_TAG_TYPE_DOUBLE Data is a 8-byte double-precision IEEE floating point number.
IG_TAG_TYPE_RAWBYTES Data is a series of raw data bytes.
IG_TAG_TYPE_LONGARRAY Data is an array of 32-bit signed integers.
IG_TAG_TYPE_UNICODE Data is a UNICODE string, 16 bit WCHARs terminated by two NULLs.
IG_TAG_TYPE_FILETIME Data is a 64 bit FILETIME structure.
IG_TAG_TYPE_DATE Data is a 64 bit DATE structure.

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