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Specifies TIFF photometric interpretations. Used with TIFF PHOTOMETRIC control parameter.


IG_TIF_PHOTO_WHITEZERO Indicates that zero 0 pixel value represents white color.
IG_TIF_PHOTO_BLACKZERO Indicates that zero 0 pixel value represents black color.
IG_TIF_PHOTO_RGB Indicates RGB colorspace.
IG_TIF_PHOTO_PALETTE Indicates indexed colors image with RGB palette.
IG_TIF_PHOTO_TRANSPARENCY Indicates transparency mask.
IG_TIF_PHOTO_CMYK Indicates CMYK colorspace.
IG_TIF_PHOTO_YCBCR Indicates YCBCR colorspace.
IG_TIF_PHOTO_CIELAB Indicates CIELAB colorspace.


See TIFF 6 specification for more information.

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