ImageGear for C and C++ on Linux v20.0 - Updated
API Reference Guide > JPEG 2000 Component API Reference > JPEG 2000 Component Enumerations Reference > enumJPEG2KICCProfileModes

Specifies the usage mode for ICC profiles embedded into JP2 and JPX images.


JPEG2K_ICC_PROFILE_LOAD ImageGear loads the embedded profile and attaches it to the image. It does not apply the profile to image pixels during loading. If ImageGear ICC support is enabled, ImageGear uses this profile for image display and for color space conversion.
JPEG2K_ICC_PROFILE_APPLY ImageGear converts the image to the current working RGB color space using the embedded profile, during the loading.


See the description of the ICC_PROFILE_MODE control parameter (used by JPEG 2000 and JPX format filters).

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